ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 and ASP.NET Youtube Clone Script support optional video uploader in control pantl that can help site administrator to

  • upload unlimited videos at once
  • capture screens from uploaded video using html5 video player screen grabber script
  • capture duration from each video
  • put title, description with each video
  • at the end save information of all videos in database.

Video uploader script have the ability to group multiple format videos in a single batch e.g if you want to upload videos with names


Uploader will group these files and display as a single video after completion of upload.

This feature can help site administrator to prepaer videos with their own choice using their own preferred encoder manually and upload it without making published online directly via admin control panel. 

This makes your videos with highest quality and according to your quality expections.

Such feature is great if you want to publish

  • Paid contents to user with (HD experience)
  • High quality presentation online
  • High quality streaming for product demonstration
  • and other related purposes.


Start of uploading by clicking on direct upload link.

Next step is to choose videos you want to upload using "Select Files" link shown below

List of selected files display in below screen. click on "Start Uploading" to start uploading selected videos

Below screen will show list of upload videos group by same name (sample-1.mp4, sample-1.webm etc)

Below screenshot will display captured screen from list of videos

After saving changes, all videos, thumbs and screenshots along with video information to be stored in database.