jAgency is a customized solution built from jMedia Kit (Enterprise Edition) is a fully customized, professionally written, advance agency model portfolio & booking solution.

It includes all basic and advance features required for building full featured model portfolio and booking system.

I: Customizing Attributes:

jAgency allow site administrator to setup attributes dynamically that will be used throughout web site. It can be setup via control panel -> artist -> settings section as shown in screenshot.

II: Profile Management (Control Panel)

jAgency provides advance profile management section in control panel from where you can update artist / model information, photos, set as active photo, enable / disable profiles, mark as feature / top model and more.

III: Add / Edit Artist / Model

jAgency provides easy to use UI for adding or updating model information from control panel. Same preview shown below

IV: Add or Remove Model Photos

jAgency allow you to attach unlimited photos in real time and mark selected photo as active. Preview shown below.

V: Artist / Model Management in Control Panel

jAgency provides advance artist / model management module that can help site administrator to manage, search, delete, enable, disable, mark as featured and more fron single location via real time module written using angular js. Preview shown below.

VI: jAgency Control Panel Navigation

Preview of settings / configuration nagivation of jAgency Application.

VII: Media Album Management:

jAgency include advance management that can allow site administrator to manage unlimited media albums. Preview shown below

VIII: jAgency Model Profile Overview:

jAgency allow you to customize porftfolio / model profile page via hundreds of ways. Below is sample overview of model portfolio captured from demo.

IX: jAgency Listing Module

jAgency support advance SDK that can help you customize listing of models, media albums, articles, categories, tags etc hundreds of ways via simple configurations without making changes in code. Sample listing overview shown below.

X: Album Attachment with Portfolio

jMedia support attachment of media albums associated with selected artist dynamically via using simple code (provided via sdk). Sample preview of media album list attachment with portfolio shown below.