ASP.NET Media Sharing Script

ASP.NET Media Sharing script is a combination of four core sections built under ASP.NET Video Starter Kit which can help you to build professional, customizable, portable social media solution using, c# and as core platform.

Core Features:

Core features of media sharing script include

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Photos
  • Albums


Video section include all features that are required to build professional youtube style video storage, encoding, management and streaming application in

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That part can help you make your website a rich audio / songs hosting and streaming solution in

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Photos section include all basic and advance features required to build professional, customizable photos, pictures uploading, storing and sharing solution in

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Album is a shared part of videos, audio and photos that can group photos, audio files and videos in a single unit to make your website experience great. 

All these four sections provide a great feature set for making professional, highly profitable, scalable social media solution using latest technology.