ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 introduced advance http streaming engine that can stream mp4 videos progressively and securly over HTML5 and Flash players.

Main features of newly developed engine includes

  • Advance level http streaming that support full fledge HTTP Range Request for proper progressive streaming
  • Secure streaming using Http Referrer, cookie or advance token based authentication.
  • Bandwidth throttling to restrict video streaming to certain limit.

HTTP Range Support:

With advance level of http range support in stream engine, videos can be

  • stream properly,
  • play from seek position properly and progressively

It can support almost every html5 player and html5 supported devices including ios, ipad, iphone.

Secure Streaming: video starter kit support advance level of stream protection for locally stored videos. 

Security approaches include

  • Referrer based traditional approach (will not work on ios devices)
  • Advance token based security system to authenticate each token before allowing to stream videos.
  • Cookie based security approach to authorize user before allowing for streaming.

Bandwidth Throttling:

New engine support the ability to restrict stream in a proper way to certain level while keeping your server memory intact even streaming huge 3 GB or bigger files.

Its better to control stream compare with IIS smooth streaming / bandwith throttling, which can't work on bigger files properly.

Note: http stream engine can work only on locally served videos or videos hosted on different servers but not on cloud. Cloud servers provide their own streaming and protection services so therefore no need to use http streaming engine on it.