Wiki pages allow website admin to generate and list useful pages relevant to website theme and link these pages in glossary section or autolink pages within content of blogs, videos, photos and others if content word match with wiki word.

Such pages will add more charm to contents by providing more information to users. e.g by creating list of cars related glossary terms with detail wiki pages and integration with car related articles will increase richness of content. Auto link detail shown in screenshot


.......................... Auto linking wiki pages in content Auto linking wiki pages in content. ..........................

ASP.NET Wiki / Glossary Features

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit support & implemented the following core features in wiki management.

  1. Wiki Pages Management in Admin: Only admin can add & manage wiki pages. As wiki pages have user editing options. We will implement user edition features within wiki in upcoming release.
  2. Listing Wiki Pages in Glossary Section: List all wiki pages in glossary sections based on filtering by first character (A - Z) as shown in screenshot. glossary listing
  3. Searching Glossary Pages: Additional searching feature help users to find exact wiki pages he / she want.. search module & recent wiki page module
  4. Wiki Page: Detailed wiki page which support BBCODEs for posting youtube link, image link, url and more. wiki page detail