ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Installation Guide:

Installation is straightforward and required normal steps for running application.


In order to run application properly please make sure these extension must be installed on your IIS web server.

Installation Steps:

  • Create database with any name
  • Execute script located in database folder on newly created database. (note: script is builtin supported for SQL SERVER 2012) for lower versions or for MySql contact with us via our support mail.
  • Once database setup, run application by clicking on .sln solution. Recommended to use visual studio IDE for working in application.
  • Once application open, go to web.config file and adjust all appsettings along with database connection string.
  • Once everything ok, click build and run application.
  • Login with the following credential (Administrator, admin123) -> Myaccount -> Control Panel will access you to control panel.
  • On top panels you will see menu which target website settings and configurations. Do all configurations to make application compatible with your need.
  • Set full read / write permission to (i: contents folder, ii: ffmpeg / flvtool, mp4box if you are using videos / audio feature)
  • That's it,

If you face problem in any part of solution, go to our website forum section and post your detail. we will provide complete guidance. Or contact us directly via our support mail.

Supported Products:

Same installation procedure is for all web starter kits released by mediasoftpro