ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script is an advance & complex script written in, c# and that can help users, developers or admins to fetch photos, create gallery from photos, generate blog post from photos & custom contents in one step. List of detail features included in ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script below.

  • 1: Fetch unlimited photos from third party website.
  • 2: Download fetched photos to website server.
  • 3: Provide review to admin which photos to be chooses and which photos need to be removed.
  • 4: Admin can add information (title, description, tags, categories) to all selected photos or can add information to every single selected photo before final processing.
  • 5: Admin can choose option to generate gallery from list of all selected photos.
  • 6: Admin can choose option to generate blog post from list for all selected photos and information based on description field.
  • 7: Generate small (represent photos in galleries), medium (represent photos in preview or blog posts) thumbs from each and every photo.
  • 8: Once reviewed admin can click on publish button to perform all selected operations.

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script make it possible to add hundreds of thousands of photos withing a day to create a complete web directory.