ASP.NET Model Portfolio Booking System is a part of jAgency product which is specifically designed to run in environment for providing full featured solution for managing agency model / celebrity / girls portfolio and booking system. It is currently available in mvc platform. If you are looking for core then contact us.

It's a complete solution with core features include

  • Manage unlimited celebrity, models, actresses portfolio.
  • Manage unlimited media albums and associate with specified celebrity.
  • Group contents via categories, tags, archives, featured and other filters
  • Post and manage blog articles.
  • Built-in support for AWS cloud web services for storing and streaming media contents
  • Full featured control panel for managing website contents and settings.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Support more than 10 premium templates.
  • Powerful SDK for building arranging contents in hundreds of ways and creating unlimited pages for specific needs. e.g you can create page to list models based on specific city or specific count or you can create page to mange this week most viewed models and hundreds of other combinations.
  • Ability to add more features easily

Overall it's a complete customized solution (created from jmedia kit) for model agency portfolio and booking system.



Installation of ASP.NET Model Portfolio & Booking System is very easy. Its almost same as installing other mvc products.

If you are using Visual Studio SDK. You can directly deploy it to Azure or any third party hosting service or via Elastic Beanstack if using AWS web services.

The following steps need to be done to complete installation.

i: Install database from script available in bundle. It is currently supported SQL SERVER 2008 or later

II: Copy and paste project files to host directory

iii: Give write permission to /contents directory

iv: Open web.config file and adjust connectionstring with database credential you are using.

v: Setup SMTP and other information for sending mails.

vi: Run the solution, browse /login url to access control panel by entering credential.

vii: Once logged int go to settings -> configuration section and setup everything you want from here.

vii: Visit our forum or contact us if you having trouble or ask further question.