ASP.NET Video Starter Kit introduced advance youtube style video uploader, publisher, multi level data video data processing & background processing with progress bar which allow user to upload videos and input information to videos just in same manner as it is used in

ASP.NET Jquery Video Uploader & Publisher includes the following core features for uploading and publishing videos. For technical documentation visit Developer section.

  • 1: Upload videos with proper progress bar feature using Jquery utility.
  • 2: Once uploaded, start published videos, if direct publishing is enabled with proper shown encoding progress via another progress bar.
  • 3: Once publishing completed, published video, video thumbs to be transferred to cloud server e.g Amazon S3 if enabled.
  • 4: Fully jquery & jquery ajax oriented client side processings alongwith server side in background.
  • 5: Multi level video data processing architecture used which is almost similar to youtube video uploading tool including
    • 1: Video information initialize at time of video uploading starts.
    • 2: Video processing information separatly done once video is completely published and stored to proper location or cloud server.
    • 3: User input video information e.g title, description, tags etc can be processed separately once user click on submit button.
    • 4: Centralize script to check all multi level processing and make final decision whether video processing is completed or pending.

We are working hard to make this uploader more efficient and improved in few stages by adding more features including

  • 1: Ability to show thumbs previews at time of video publishing
  • 2: More improved and stable.
  • 3: Required your feedbacks