ASP.NET MVC Portal has been built using visual studio 2015 with mvc 5 template. Installation and usage of this product is almost similar to installation and deployment of any mvc 5 solution.


1: Create new database in SQL SERVER (Recommended to use SQL SERVER 2012 or later). For older please read this post 2: Run solution via visual studio 2015 (download community edition if not there) 3: open web.config file and adjust connection string 4: setup domain url and email settings too in web.config file 5: go to project directory and give full permission to /assets/encoder/ directory if video publishing required 6: go to project directory and give write permission to /contents/ directory for saving media files 7: build and run solution


8: Once un login via  User ID : Administrator Pass: admin123

9: Go to control panel -> settings -> configuration section and configure everything here. --- For publishing, click on build and publish site, this will start giving you instruction where you are publishing site online. once you provide proper (ftp, azure or other info), visual studio will start publishing site.


Your site will be ready for operation.