Post Watermark On Video & Images

This page will provide detail instructions for posting watermark on videos and images usinge media handler pro component.

Script mentioned in this post is out dated. click here for latest code about posting watermark on video using, c# and

C# Sample Code

This code will post watermark on videos using classic ffmpeg build which support vhook/watermark.dll.

// not for posting watermark, ffmpeg must support and exist vhook/watermark.dll
// set watermark image directory path
_mhandler.WaterMarkPath = RootPath + "\\contents\\watermark";
// set watermark image filename
_mhandler.WaterMarkImage = "watermark.gif";
// more detail about posting watermark, click here.

Important Guide for Posting Watermark using Vhook/Watermark.dll

  • Watermark thumbnail / image should be transparent image with logo or text.
  • It should be in gif format.
  • It's width and height must be same as width and height of video. e.g if video size is '320x240' then image size should be '320x240'.
  • In order to post watermark on bottom or video, just create transparent watermark same size of video and write text on bottom of video. After writing post image on video. the result will be a watermark on bottom of the video.
  • No space allowed in watermark image path.
  • Also this version requires FFMPEG shared build. with watermark.dll must be included in ffmpeg\vhook folder.