ASP.NET vQ&A is a simple, light, easy to use & customize knowledge base & community discussion script for building knowledge base or discussion application in It can be used as a standalone knowledge base solution or can be integrated in existing applications.

Main Features

Q&A Management

ASP.NET vQ&A allow users to ask unlimited questions or post answers on open questions with full social interaction including voting, add to favorite, share, flag reporting, mark as best answer and more.

Multiple Status

ASP.NET vQ&A status manage multiple status for Q&A application including featured questions, closed questions, resolved questions, popular questions with other filters.

Light Listings

ASP.NET vQ&A generate easy to access and read contents by using fast and light listings for questions.

Advance Gamification

ASP.NET vQ&A include powerful gamification script that can help you enable advance levels, credits, points, rewards & badges system.

Full Control Panel

ASP.NET vQ&A include single page advance control panel application (written in pure angular js) that can help site administrators manage users & site contents and settings in real time.

User Profiles

ASP.NET vQ&A generate socialy enabled public profiles for each user. These profiles can display user activities, uploaded contents and interaction with other users

My Account Management

ASP.NET vQ&A include full featured myaccount management system for users that can help users to manage his / her own contents & site contents.

Advertisement Module

ASP.NET vQ&A support easy to manage advertisement module that can help site administrator to enable & configure ads on each and every public page to generate revenue.

Multiple Languages

ASP.NET vQ&A support enabling solution in multiple languages or choose your own prefer language.

Customize Listings

ASP.NET vQ&A include reusable modules that can help you create unlimited listing styles by using simple configurations


ASP.NET vQ&A> include blogging module that can help you write beautiful blogs and articles.

Advance Configurations

ASP.NET vQ&A include advance configuration modules that can help site administrator to on / off any features available in website via one click instead of making changes directly in code.

Advance Modules

ASP.NET vQ&A include hundreds of additional modules that can help enhance your website ability. Advance modules includes multi language, mail template engine, abuse report engine, advertisement, block ip, data screening and lots more

Advance Filtering

ASP.NET vQ&A support categorizing, tagging, labeling, archiving, search listing, featured listing and all other listing to keep site content easily accessible both for users and search engines

Sitemaps & Feeds

ASP.NET vQ&A support advance dynamically generated sitemaps & feeds for each and every dynamically added contents. Sitemaps can help index website pages & contents fastly on search engines

Abuse Reporting

ASP.NET vQ&A support spam / abuse reporting component that can user to post abuse reports with powerful review system in dashboard.

Adult Content Filtering

ASP.NET vQ&A support adult content warning & filtering module with smart functionality to load adult or non adult ads based on content nature.

Dynamic Sitemaps

ASP.NET vQ&A include script to generate and prepare google & bing sitemap dynamically from dynamic website contents. This can your website to submit & index website content to search engines faster.

Categories & Tags Management

ASP.NET vQ&A support categorizing & tagging videos & audio for better management, filtering and search engine exposure.

Content Screening

ASP.NET vQ&A include script that can allow you to highlight or encrypt words that matched with words that are against your website terms of use.

Error Reporting

ASP.NET vQ&A have built-in support for error handling & reporting system. Site administrator can review all errors occured with-in website via dashboard.

Bootstrap Themes

ASP.NET vQ&A have built-in support with bootstrap compatible themes. You can easily replace any premium or customized theme you want on the fly.

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