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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Video Publishing Implementation

Note: ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is now officially replaced with ASP.NET jMedia Kit which is written from scratch using latest mvc / core frameworks. For more detail click link below.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit 

Video Publishing or Encoding involves transcoding or conversion of any video format to a format that target destination hardware or resource to play on it. In simple video publishing will prepare videos & audio files to be playable on certain devices. e.g flash flv video publishing will prepare video to be playable and streameable on flash players, while webm, ogg video publishing will prepare any video format to ogg, webm format that can be playable on HTML5 compatible player.

As video publishing, encoding or conversion is the main factor for preparing videos for different devices. Once more important fact is video publishing require lots of server resources (processor, memory etc) at time of processing videos. It will not effect on your server or website if there is low amount of uploading / encoding requests received to server. But in case of high traffic, huge amount of concurrent requests received for uploading & publishing videos. In such cases your server or website may crash. So there is need of effective way to handle video publishing on high load of traffic without effecting website or server performance.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit and ASP.NET Video Sharing Script both support advance video publishing process which can handle video publishing at low traffic and high traffic wihtout effecting performance of website and server.

By keeping these overviews ASP.NET Video Starter Kit support two approaches.

  • Direct Publishing
  • Sheduled Publishing

Direct Publishing:

This is default approach. In this approach any media (video or audio) file is published just after media uploading process finish out.

Main points about this approach

  • This approach is good if there is chances of concurrent video uploads is less. (mean low level website traffic)
  • In this approach user can get final output just after video uploading complete. Video or audio will be available directly if pubilshed successfully.
  • It does't support multi server content uploading .

Sheduled Publishing:

In this approach all videos uploaded by user is not published at time of video uploading. It is in unpublished state, later website administrator can publish all unpublished state videos sequentially one by one using publish media section under control panel / videos section.

Main points about this approach:

  • High load traffic websites where no of concurrent video uploads is huge.
  • It also support multi server content uploading .
  • Videos or audios can't be show until it is published and validated fully.
  • Administrator we review and publish all unpublished videos.