Note: ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is now officially replaced with ASP.NET jVideo Kit which is written from scratch using latest mvc / core frameworks. For more detail click link below.

ASP.NET jVideo Kit 

ASP.NET Video Script is a complete, fully customizable, easy to use, professional video script & youtube clone for web form applications


ASP.NET Yuclone Script is a professionally written solution with hundreds of features using latest web standards, tools (jquery, twitter bootstrap) and development languages (currently c#, Here is a list of main features available in Yuclone video sharing script solution.

  • Advance http progressive streaming engine to stream mp4 / webm videos progressively over HTML5 and Flash Players and on all devices including IOS.
  • Secure streaming supported with different approaches including
    • Advance token based stream protection
    • Cookie based authorization and stream protection
    • Classic http referrer way to protect streams (not recommended as http referrer not supported on IOS devices)
    • Using private content streaming distribution strategy, if you are storing media files in Amazon S3 private buckets
  • Bandwidth throttling supported to restrict the speed of stream to certain level. It can be adjusted for
    • Normal users
    • Paid or logged in users
  • Support almost all flash and html5 players. Builtin support included for
    • Latest version of JW Player
    • MediaElement5 HTML5 Player (used for both http video streaming and audio files by default)
  • VUploader user control which support
    • advance youtube style jquery ajax uploader with progress bar.
    • multiple videos uploading and publishing.
    • background video processing in order release application while continously sending video processing completion status to application.
    • generating multi level (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc) video copies from source video. Needed for keeping various quality videos to target various devices (mobile, tablet, pc) or keeping HD (720p, 1080) version video for premium users
    • generating multi format (flv, mp4, webm, ogv, mp3 etc) copies from single source video. Needed to keep single video in multiple formats in order to target appropriate web browsers and devices (e.g html5 in mozilla support ogg theora while in chrome support mp4 version)
    • adding meta information to flv, mp4 videos. Meta information must be added in order to properly stream videos on the web.
    • managing and streaming videos from
      • local server (default option to store media files within application default folder).
      • cloud storage (e.g amazon s3 -> transfter and store videos in amazon s3 cloud storage and stream via amazon cloudfront using adobe flash streaming server.
      • multiple server (transfer and store videos on another server, if one server fully, you can add another server for storage and streaming), support unlimited no of servers.
  • Also have support for direct video uploading without publishing with features
    • Upload unlimited videos at onces
    • After uploading, play and capture screenshots, that can be act as thumbnail and player screenshot on preview pages
    • Script automatically grab duration from each video
  • Support multiple uploading and publishing options including
    • Direct Publishing: this approach allow users to upload and publish videos on the spot. Recommended for low traffic websites.
    • Sheduled Publishing: this approach will keep all unpublished videos in queue and publish it one by one in sequence. Recommended for high traffic websites.
    • read more
  • Support multiple video managment options
    • website own videos. (In this option user can only upload videos)
    • third party embed videos. (In this option user can upload videos and embed third party videos)
      • manual uploads.
      • fetch videos from youtube using Youtube Data API.
    • both website and third party embed videos. (In this option user can upload own video or embed third party video)


ASP.NET YuClone Script provide professional SDK for customizing each and every part of solution according to your own requirements easily using SDK simple options without going deep into coding.


ASP.NET YuClone Script provide advance configuration section in control panel which allow you to configure each and every part, feature of website within few minutes without touching internal codes.

General Features

Beside core features there are hundreds of more general features in video starter kit. Main features include

  • More than 15 beautiful bootstrap 3.20 compatible responsive themes with all color variations
  • Professional youtube style user my account section which allow users to.
    • manage own contents
    • manage account settings
    • manage public profile settings
  • Private Message Board for sending messages between users within website, if user allow receiving internal messages.
  • Friend Management System allow each user to manage their friend listing in publich profiles / channels.
  • Optionally support login / signup through facebook
  • Multiple Languages supported with proper admin management, admin can add more languages, enable multiple languages and choose preferred language as default language.
  • Professional Mail Processing Engine included which can help site administrator to customize mail templates via control panel. These mail templates can be used for varity of purposes within website.
  • Advance content screening script to provide ability to auto review and screen user posted contents.
  • Abuse Report Management to control spam or contents which violate website terms of use.
  • Youtube Style comment posting script allow users to post comments on any type of contents within website.
  • Adult warning supported if content is marked as adult content.
  • Professional category listing script included which can generate any level and type of dynamic listings and navigations for varity of purposes within website.
  • User Role Management.
  • Packages Management to create list of packages and allow others to purchase package in order to upgrade access to different resources
  • Video starter kit support marking any content as premium. Premium content can be accessed through
    • purchasing content via credits using packages
    • monthly subscription for premium contents

Basic Features

Some more basic features of video starter kit includes

  • Advertisement Management
  • Embed Third Party Videos either via embed script directly or using Youtube Data API
  • Three way pagination supported (i: normal, ii: advance, iii: pager style)
  • Video Playlist
  • Cache Management
  • Dictionary Management
  • Error Handling & Reporting
  • Email Subscriptions: ability of admin to send email to all subscribers.
  • IP Address Ban Management
  • Tags Management
  • Autocomplete Search System
  • Youtube SDK for fetching videos Supported
  • Advance View Stats:, youtube style today, this month, this week, all time view stats management for every type record supported
  • Archive listing of contents based on month, years
  • Paypal subscriptions supported to allow users to subscribe via paypal to access premium contents and other restricted resources.

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