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ASP.NET jMedia support  mark any media and other content as featured items.

List of items that can be marked as featured

i: Videos
ii: Audio
iii: Albums
iv: Events
v: Polls
vi: Q&A

Note: Photos can't be featured but instead can be marked as Wallpaper or Editor Picked (Popular Photos)

How to mark any item as featured?
Currently only admin can mark item as featured. you can add code to allow users to mark any item as featured for specific time via payment.

How to load featured contents?
You can load featured contents by adding one attribute / parameter in query filter options as shown below

Model.QueryOptions.IsFeatured = 1;

or whole sample code for loading top 3 featured videos

@Html.Partial(FeaturedViewPath, new Jugnoon.Models.VideoListViewModel()
      HeadingTitle = "Featured Videos",
      BrowseText = Resources.vsk.viewall,
      BrowseUrl = Config.GetUrl("videos/"),
      ListObject = new Jugnoon.Scripts.ListItems()
           TitleLength = 0,
           showRating = false
       QueryOptions = new Video_Struct()
             Order = "v.date_added desc",
             isEnabled = 1,
             isReviewed = 1,
             isPrivate = 0,
             isCache = true,
             PageSize = 3,
             isFeatured = 1,
             Type = 0 // 0: videos, 1: audio

Please post your query if you have related to featured management in ASP.NET jMedia?  along with all child projects.
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