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I started digging into the source code and I am getting there.
I have one question and it is related to the Embed video, what are the information that need to be filled, because I always have YouTube error when I try.


You need to setup google client id and enable youtube data api before fetching videos from youtube.

Here follow the following steps 

i: Go to
ii: Select Youtube Data API and click enable button
iii: Next click on Credentials link on left navigation and click on "Create Credentials"
iv: Click on Create API Key and select "Server Key"
v: Give name to e.g "YoutubeAPIKey"
vi: Click Done
v: You will get your api key in next screen like "AIzaSyD8GK**************18xruMzAkD0mA"
vi: Now copy api key and go to website control panel -> settings -> configurations and general setting section
vii: Under youtube data api. paste api key 
ix: Also provide user name e.g "administrator" that must be exist. Its needed if you want to use crawl engine for fetching multiple videos at once.
x: that's it. 

Go to embed section and try fetching video again.
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