Premium Membership in jMedia Kit

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Premium subscriptions and paid content management is also an important and mandatory feature of almost all media related and content sharing solutions.

ASP.NET jMedia
 support two types of paid content and premium membership management. Based on requirements you can adjust or enable feature.

Two types of membership management include

i: Credit based management
ii: Monthly subscription

i: Credit Based Management:

If you enabled this option, this will allow users to

i: Buy credits via different packages set by site administrator . e.g buy 1000 credits on $19.
ii: Utilize these credits for buying / accessing premium contents. e.g XYZ video cost 15 credits to access it

In credit system if user try to access paid content, their credits will be checked. if insufficient credits exist, he will be redirected to fund page from where user can purchase credits before accessing paid contents

ii: Monthly Subscription

If this option enabled then you can subscribe users on monthly bases. once user subscribed, he can be allowed to access almost every type of paid contents without any restriction or need to buy it before access it.

This option can work on monthly basis. if user subscription expired and user not paid / renew his subscription, then he will be marked as normal user again.


ASP.NET jMedia? also support ability to increase allowed bandwidth to paid users and can publish HD quality videos to paid users with download facility.

So in summary there are additional useful functionality exist that site administrator can utilize

i: Stream bandwidth control for free and paid users
ii: 360p and 720p videos for normal and paid users
iii: Additional download video options for paid users
iv: Remove AD options from both video player and on pages for paid users
v: and more


Packages Management:
Site administrator can create unlimited packages for both credit based and monthly subscription. These packages will be available to users on fund page where he / she can buy credits or subscribe on monthly basis.

How to set credit or monthly based payment management?

At a time you can enable only one payment option either credit based or premium subscription.

You can adjust payment system in web.config file via line

<add key="Member_Account_Upgrade_Type" value="0" /> <!-- 0: credit / purchase, 1: renew account -->
 <add key="Member_Account_Upgrade_Redirect" value="0" /> <!-- 0: normal, 1: redirect to fund page after signup -->


Please post your query below if you have any question or facing problem while enabling this feature.
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