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VUploader - Error Codes

VUploader returns various type of error code when error happens while processing video and audio file. This document provide detail about these error codes.

Errors arises in the following situations

  • If video or audio publishing failed due to any reason (e.g unsupported video format)
  • If thumbs can't be captured properly
  • If media files can't be transfer to cloud server properly.
  • If any other unhandled exception arises.

In case of error happened and error code returns, vuploader have complex rollback management which clean all files if already encoded but not finalized.


List of encoding settings, you can customize settings with your own requirements. Make sure settings you will update must supported by ffmpeg build you are using.

VUploader user control support the following main properties.

Error Code Description
0 All processing successfully completed
1000 FFMPEG Path Invalid. You must provide complete ffmpeg.exe path via FfmpegPath property.
1001 FlvTool Path Invalid. You must provide complete flvtool2.exe path via FlvToolPath property.
1002 MP4Box Path Invalid. You must provide complete mp4box path via Mp4BoxPath property.
1003 Source Video Path Invalid. Make sure SourcePath and SourceFileName properties set properly.
1004 Published Video Directory Path Invalid. Make sure PublishedPath property properly point published media file directory.
1005 Video Thumb Directory Invalid. Make sure ThumbsDirectory property properly point video thumb directory.
1006 Grabbing thumbs from video failed.
1007 Unhandled exception occured while processing media file.
1008 Invalid cloud storage settings. Please make sure you provide proper cloud storage settings including access key, secret key, bucket information etc.
1009 Media files (videos, audio and thumbs) failed to transfer to cloud storage.
1010 Failed to set meta information to mp4 video.
100 - 150 General video publishing error (see detail)