ASP.NET knowledge-based solution is a complete solution design to target three core areas of the user support component that's needed for any type of online business services or products including product documentation, community support, and the ability to keep in touch with the community for getting ideas and feedback.

it includes almost all basic & advanced features needed for building professional, user & search engine friendly documentation and support system that can be easily integrated with any existing asp.net core or .net compatible application or e-commerce portal to provide quick and easy access to users to get help faster and better way and represent your product or services more effectively to end-users.

It has built-in support with any premium template compatible with bootstrap, which means you can easily replace the existing template with any premium or custom template you want to enhance the look & feel & UI of your application according to your requirements & expectations.

It includes 100% source code with full documentation that can allow you to easily customize, add more functionality or extend its existing functionality according to your requirements easily and fastly

It has built-in support with world-leading cloud services including AWS Webservices for storing, transcoding, and secure streaming (via standard CDN networks) unlimited videos without effect website performance & storage.

It supports both traditional server and docker-based deployment and has 100% compatibility with both Windows and Linux.



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ASP.NET Knowledge Base Solution Premium Templates

Check out some built-in compatibility of ASP.NET Knowledge Base Solution with some high-quality premium templates.


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Currently Unavailable
  • 100% source code
  • 1 year free upgrade
  • 1 premium template included
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free installation / technical support


Currently Unavailable
  • 100% source code
  • 1 year free upgrade
  • 1 premium + 1 custom template available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free installation / technical support
Premium templates are mostly available in published HTML that enhanced the look and feel of the solution according to client expectations rather than utilizing standard templates. We do not own these templates, In most cases, customers provide customized template and we embed it in our solution but in some cases, customers want specific premium templates. Before integrating or using you must get a separate license for any premium template you want to use from their official website.
We add built-in support for various premium templates by default. If customers request premium template integration with a template that we already have we provide it for free. For custom templates, an additional charge of $100 may be applied with additional 3 - 7 days of delivery depending on the availability of our resources and the complexity involved in them while integrating.
If a customer wants to integrate any custom template which has additional features than product support, then it may come under custom development and will be charged accordingly.
We provide technical assistance and support in various ways including recommended support tickets via product documentation section, email or phone, or live chat.
Yes we can provide full technical support and free installation to almost all products purchased by the customer on request
We provide a full refund within 60 days after purchasing our product in case the customer not satisfied with our product or our product not meet customer requirements.
Yes, 100% source code available with a proper solution that can allow you to customize it according to your needs, add more features, edit existing features or remove features that are not required with your need.