ASP.NET Media Handler Pro - Requirements

In order to use Media Handler Pro in your .NET Applications you must complete some pre-requisites or requirements.

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  • .Net Framework 2.0 or later
  • FFMPEG :
  • FLVTOOL: or click here. It is used only for encoding or publishing videos to Flash FLV format.
  • Make appropriate permissions to folders where videos are stored.
  • Make execute permission to FFMPEG and FLVTOOL folder or folder where ffmpeg.exe or flvtool2.exe is located.
  • If you want to allow uploading videos that has greater in size than 4MB, you must increase allowable file size limit of ASP.NET using Web.config file. more detail .
  • If you want to stream Flash FLV videos on Windows 2003 Server, you must add some mime-type as bedefault Windows 2003 Server not allow Flash FLV Streaming, more detail available below.
  • While using Media Handler Pro component, make sure you properly set all properties while encoding videos.
  • ASP.NET Media Handler Pro also require that Full Trust Level to be set in machine.config file while using ASP.NET 2.0 or later. By default this configuration is already set on local systems but it must be set on production servers. Most shared hosting plans not support full trust level configuration, but there are hosing providers that provide full trust level configuration for ASP.NET on their shared hosting plans.