ASP.NET PhotoEngine 1.1.0 has been Released

08 April 2020

Today we officially released ASP.NET PhotoEngine, a complete open-source, cloud-enabled photo sharing & streaming solution written in core framework.

It is a complete cloud-enable photo sharing script with all basic and advance features that can help you build highly scalable, secure, photo sharing solution for existing or stand-alone application.

It can be used in any type of application (e.g flikr, photo sharing and hosting sites, product or any specific services media collections etc). This project is currently built with ASP.NET Core 3.1 + Angular 9.0.2 + Bootstrap 4.4.1

It is wrapped with default bootstrap 4.* template with ability to easily apply your own custom bootstrap compatible custom templates or premium templates.

List of core features

  • Complete membership management for creating & managing accounts.
  • Advance photo albums management included that can help site administrators or users to create unlimited albums and manage unlimited photos in each album.
  • Advance photos module included that can help you manage unlimited photos locally or via cloud.
  • Built-in support for AWS cloud services for storing and streaming media files over cloud.
  • My account management to manage user own created photo albums, uploaded photos, favorited albums, liked albums or photos, profile data and settings.
  • Social profiles for users to display user public photo albums, photos and profile data.
  • Advance control panel application for handling almost all features, data, settings, albums, photos, users and reports.
  • Advance configurations to control and manage website settings from single location.
  • Advance installation wizard that can help you configure your application, initialize settings and database on the fly when running application for first time.
  • Support multi-language user interface and add your own cultural language easily.
  • Support n-tier complex category manage for managing categories for any type of contents (albums, photos, channels, abuse types etc)
  • Support grouping articles, news or blog posts by labels or tags.
  • Support advertisement modules to display adversitement (Adsense ads) on various part of application.
  • Advance search engine module available that can provide search options with various filter settings that can help you search videos, playlists using lots of ways.
  • Link submission sitmaps generated from dynamic contents that can be easliy submitted to google or other search engines for indexing content fastly.
  • Support managing mail templates and contents.
  • Including optional reporting module that can generate reports based on various factors.
  • Support spam or abuse reporting options.
  • Including various options for posting comments on albums or photos.
  • Include error log management tool to generate reports on errors happening within website.
  • Include optional tool for screening user posted contents and manage black-list username to protect website from creating account via such usernames.
  • Include optional features that can help site administrator to manage user profile dynamic attributes.
  • Include optional block ip functionality.
  • Including features to archive videos based on month, year
  • Support ability to create dynamic pages with links generated as roots e.g /contact, /help instead of /{controller}/contact, /{controller}/help.
  • Easily toggle on | off features e.g you can easily disable category management or user registration from configuration module.
  • and hundreds of more small or big features.

What's New in 1.1.0?

  • Upgrade angular application from 8.2 to 9.0.5
  • Improved my-account application
  • Fixed lots of bugs and improved features.


We appreciate feedbacks and bug reports, please contact us via our support email if you have any feedback or want to share bug you found.

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