ASP.NET jVideo Kit 14.0 has been Released

05 December 2018

Today we released ASP.NET jVideo 14.0, the most advance video streaming, youtube clone, tube site, live streaming solution for ASP.NET Core & ASP.NET MVC platform.

It has been re-wrote using latest latest development tools, strategies, frameworks and cloud technologies. It have built-in support for all media services provided by Amazon AWS including Elastic Transcoder, Advance Media Processing Scripts, Media Elements and others

In this version we also introduced advance cloud based media processing script that can utilize various cloud computing & media services to publish / transcode videos, extract meta information from videos, grab multiple thumbnails from start to end of video, generate story board preview video, gather all processing information and update database automatically within the cloud while keeping application scalable and keep website code simple as all you need to push video to s3 bucket. Learn more.

We rewrote application Control Panel & My Account section with latest Angular Framework that makes application lighter, faster and simple and add oppertunity to build more complex modules and features in future versions. Fore more detail Control Panel App My Account App

This version support various ways to publish videos including

  • Utilizing FFMPEG Utility to publish videos locally or via cloud functions e.g via AWS Lambda
  • Utilizying AWS Infrastructure e.g AWS Elastic Transcoder with AWS Lambad for advance video processing.
  • Utilizing your own video processing options and upload published videos directly.
  • Use third party services e.g Youtube Data API to manage youtube videos.

We have extended ASP.NET jVideo as a framework with hundreds of basic & advance features that can help you customize the solution with hundreds of ways that were never easy before.

ASP.NET jVideo 14.0 has been built with the following tools

ASP.NET Core Version

  • Angular Framework 7.1 for building Dashboard & My-Account Application.
  • ASP.NET Core Web API as api framework to communicate with angular applications.
  • ASP.NET Core 2.1 for core application.


  • Angular Framework 6.2 for building Dashboard & My-Account Application.
  • ASP.NET Core Web API as api framework to communicate with angular applications.
  • ASP.NET MVC / .NET Framework 4.7 for core application.

ASP.NET jVideo 14.0 is compatible with all cloud platforms for media processing, streaming and cloud deployments including

  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

ASP.NET jVideo 14.0 can be used with any type of application that involve video transcoding & streaming including

  • Youtube Clone & Tube Sites
  • Live Streaming & Broadcasting
  • Live Video Chats & Cam System
  • Video Courses
  • and hundreds of more ways

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