jMedia 12 Released

26 May 2017

Today we released jMedia Kit 12 (Advance social media and content sharing script) targeting ASP.NET Platform. Will be available for ASP.NET Core / PHP Laravel and Meanstack Soon.

jMedia Kit 12 is the most advance and stable version compared to previously released versions. It consists of more than 10 core sections with hundreds of features togather will help you build advance social media solution that normally take years to build.

List of core components include.

  • Albums (Videos, Photos, Audio)
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Audio
  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Q&A (Knowledgebase)
  • Blogs
  • Wiki
  • Polls
  • Social Profiles (User / Celebrity / Services)
  • And more

It act as a framework for extending / customizing any existing component or combine two or more components for building any other solution quickly (within few days that normally take months to build)

e.g You can build highly professional classified solution by utilizing the components

  • Albums
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Archives
  • Featured Components
  • Payment Components
  • User Management
  • Control Panel & Configuration

All you need just to add one or two more components e.g

  • Ads
  • Cities & City Profiling

In this way you can utilize jMedia Kit for hundreds of ways.

What’s New

jMedia Kit 12 include hundreds of features, added new features and enhanced existing functionality. Compare to previous versions, it is 20 times more advance with 50% less code.

Some of major areas that we focused in jMedia 12.

  • Rewrote control panel in Angular Js. Now whole control panel act as a single angular js app. Although it increase complexity (need angular js experience to work with) but enhanced its functionality 30 times more, increase response speed and ability to add more complex features easily that even impossible classic way.
  • Rewrote Account and User Profile Sections as Angular App.
  • Added real time video uploader with publisher (Angular Based)
  • Added direct uploader with ability to grab thumbs and fetch information in real time.
  • Added ability to fetch single or multiple YouTube videos. (Enhanced angular app)
  • Ability to assign and link videos located in Amazon AWS Storage.
  • Add ability to publish videos via Amazon AWS Elastic Transcoder.
  • Ability to embed videos (Vimeo, Youtube and other via embed script)
  • Ability to create albums and add unlimited videos within album. (Album can be act as playlist)
  • Add new Polls Section with ability to create and share polls.
  • Added Celebrity Profiling and Management. Now you can manage (actress / actresses) and associate videos at time of uploading or any other ways.) In this way you can create profiles and media contents associated with specific celebrity, star or any popular individual.
  • New enhanced real time photo uploader with ability to create photo album and upload unlimited photos, add caption to each photo and submit it.
  • New article publisher with ability to attach one or more covers in real time (multiple photos act as slider).
  • New enhanced wiki / topic management.
  • Enhance control panel with hundreds of features to handle every part, features, configurations, users and user data in real time via a single app.
  • Enhanced gamification functionality.
  • Improved forum section.
  • Improved internal data processing logic.
  • And hundreds of more improvements.

These improvement and enhancements made this application the most advance social media and content sharing solution available in the market.

Theme Support:

jMedia Kit 12 current theme enhanced from Premium Porto Template by adding more UI components and features. We used porto due to rich functionality, responsiveness provided by Porto.  Its bootstrap compatible. As we are not author of this theme, before using Porto in our product, we recommend to get its license.

You can also use your own theme. We recommend to use bootstrap compatible themes for fast integration.


We appreciate reporting bugs and feedbacks. This help us improve our product more and make it more useful.


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