ASP.NET Video Starter Kit (MVC Version) Complete Feature List

07 June 2016

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is a complete social media and content sharing solution with hundreds of features that can help you build highly scalable, cloud ready highly scalable solution on the fly that took years of effort to build. This topic will provide complete list of core features available in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit or Jmedia Kit.

I: General Features:

I: Bootstrap 3 compatible themes supported
2: Compatibility with more than 10 premium templates
3: Category Management (to manage unlimited categories for different types of contents
3: Tags Management (to manage unlimited tag clouds for different contents
4: Multi Language Support
5: Advance gamification script to enhance social interaction and fun within your application
6: Toggle on / off all core functionality
7: Full featured control panel
8: Advance configuration section in control panel to configure every feature, data and settings
9: Abuse report management
10: Advertisement management
11: Mail template management
12: Content screening / dictionary management
13: Adult content management
14: Error handling and reporting management
15: IP Ban management
16: Complete users / member management
17 Cloud Storage and Streaming for media files (Amazon AWS)
18: Wiki / Glossary / or Topic or Dictionary management
19: Packages management for premium contents or premium add-ons
20: Mail subscriber management
21: Five star rating system or Like / Dislike
22: Add to favorites
23: Add to playlists with playlist management (for videos
24: embed media and share records supported
25: complete sdk for fast customization and create unlimited pages. (some examples here click here
26: Archive Listings
27: Main search with specific content own search pages
28: Advance search
29: Content own category pages with main category pages for seo purpose
30: Dynamic sitemap generated for almost every type of contents for google webmaster, bing webmaster tools
31: RSS / ATOM feed generated for almost every type of dynamic contents[
32: Advance cache management to boost performance of application. Can be easily utilize cloud basedcache including Redis cache supported by Azure and Amazon AWS.
33: Monthly based subscription for premium contents
34: Credit based subscription for premium contents
35: Additional plugins for great premium templates (integrate within minute)
36: Privacy control for media contents (videos ,audio, photos, albums) to mark as public, private and unlisted
37: Flexible sdk for fast customization and unlimited pages generation based on requirements. E.g. it took a minute to create page to display today added photos ordered by most viewed
38: Fancy code preview support (to display codes posted in blogs or forums or qa in a well format way
39: Advance BBCODE supported
40: Lighter rich text box editor for posting articles and other contents.
41: members management including registration, login, forgot password, change password etc

II: Videos Features:

1: Upload and publish videos (normal uploader)
2: Upload direct high quality mp4 videos (direct uploader)
3: Embed videos (youtube api), can attach vimeo or other apis
4: Cloud storage and streaming via secure cloud front channel
5: Highly secure token based streaming (for local contents only)
6: Bandwidth throttling (you can set different bandwidth for paid user then free user) (local contents only)
7: Easy to setup any player and along with plugins e.g add VAST supported plugin with videojs player
8: Can be used Amazon AWS or Azure Media Services for storage and streaming
9: All basic and advance features that make complete video feature as standalone video portal
10: Featured videos
11: Premium videos (to be available on payment either via credits or monthly based subscriptions)

III: Audio Features

1: Upload audio (mp3 format)
2: Attach cover for preview / display
3: Cloud storage and streaming along with local streaming support
4: Can be easily use any third party audio player (built-in player supported)
5: Similar to video section, almost all remaining features

IV: Photo Features

I: Real time uploader to upload unlimited photos
II: Advance video preview page
III: Resize and download options for users on preview page
IV: Slide show options
V: Full cloud storage ready (can be used local or cloud storage)
VI: Mark Photos as wallpapers
VII: Mark photos as most popular
IX: All basic and advance features shared with videos and audio.
X: and more

V: Album Features

1: Advance album management supported for (videos, audio and photos) format
2: It allow users to create albums and group media files into it
3: Professional preview pages for video albums, audio albums and photo albums
4: Attach album cover 5: Complete album management 6: All shared features etc

V: Blogs Feature

I: Post blog in a professional way
II: Attach one or more photos
III: Cloud storage ready for medium files
IV: load slider if more than one photo attached
V: RSS / ATOM feed
VI: All remaining core features including searching, listings, categorizing, tagging, archiving, preview and more

VI: Forum Feature

I: Forum management (to manage unlimited forums within each category)
II: Topics management (to manage unlimited topics in each forum)
III: Post management (to manage unlimited replies or posts within each topic)
IV: Full bbcode supported
V: Post topic and reply to topic
VI: Full social user integration via email VII: and all other basic functionality

VII: Q&A Feature

I: Ask Question
II: Post Answer
III: Advance preview to display question with all answers in a well readable format
IV: BBCODE supported
V: Advance listings
VI: Vote up / down functionality
VII: add to favorite and share features
VIII: Close Q&A
IX: Resolve Q&A
X: Unanswered Q&A
XI: Featured Q&A
XII: and rest all core and basic functionality to make this section a complete solution.

IX: Group Feature

It’s a complete functionality that can be act as a starter for making a great next generation community application.
I: Create, edit or delete groups
II: Manage group users, contents and notifications
III: Manage group privacy
IV: Manage group content posting actions
V: Invite members to group either by private message or through mail.
VI: Advance facebook style content sharing on group
VII: Advance facebook style content actions (like, dislike, comment on post, abuse / spam report on post, delete post by auther of post or group admin)
IX: Professional facebook style group profile
X Advance script to generate post previews from url
XI: Generate professional previews from website own contents (videos, albums, photos, q&a, blog posts, forum posts etc).
XII Generate beautiful previews from third party website urls.
XIII: Ability to post multiple type of contents on group.
And more at : vGroup Kit

X: Glossary / Wiki Features

Optional but powerful tool for search engine optimization. It helps you create a glossary type section to list all important topics (group by A, B, C etc) related to website e.g create a glossary for all topics (term with cars keywords for car site) and automatically convert word to link if matched within articles

XI: Channels Feature

Optional feature but it can help organize all public user profiles in a complete section. Good for sites like dating or where social interaction available.

XII: My Account

Complete my account section for each user to manage I: Profile II: Account Data[ III: Upload and manage contents (e.g upload videos, manage videos etc) IV: other basic features

XIII: Control Panel

A full featured control panel with hundreds of features to manage users data, site data and site configurations.