Generating Google and Yahoo Sitemaps in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit.

03 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit support both google sitemap and yahoo ror sitemap generator and yahoo ror sitemap generator for posting dynamic content listing urls to google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.

These sitemaps helps your website contents to be fastly crawled and index by google, yahoo, bing and other search engines and in result with organic visitors increase (visitors comes through search results)

List of sitemaps supported by video starter kit 6.0

  •  Category Urls (for submitting category urls to search engines)
  • Tag Urls (for submitting tag cloud urls to search engines)
  • Video & Audio Urls ( for submitting videos and audio file urls to search engines)
  • Photo Urls (for submitting photo urls to search engines)
  • Gallery Urls (for submitting gallery urls)
  • Blog Urls (for submitting blog urls)
  • Forum Urls (for submiting forum urls)
  • Forum Topic Urls (for submitting forum topic urls)


Both Google and Yahoo sitemaps supported for content types mentioned above.

All sitemap files located at /sitemaps/ folder.

You can register these sitemaps through webmaster tools e.g Google Webmaster Tool, Yahoo Webmaster Tool, etc

Each sitemap can generate upto 50,000 Urls (maximum restriction of search engines), if your website records exceeds 50,000 records for specific section e.g videos you can generate another sitemap for next 50,000 records by passing pagenumber.

You can submit different types of content sitemap by using "type" querystring e.g

    • category_urls.asxh?type=0 // represent video categories
    • category_urls.asxh?type=1 // represent photo categories