Free and Paid Membership in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0

02 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit version 6.0 introduced new level of membership management. Now site administrator can allocate resources, restrict account usage for free members and allow paid members to enhance their account usages and credits by purchasing paid packages.

Now site administrator can

    • Enable, Disable Resource Allocation and Membership Process
    • Create unlimited number of free and paid packages
    • Assign any free package with free user
    • Free user can upgrade their membership by purchasing any of available paid package.
    • Paypal integration of payment
    • Payment history will be generated for user under purchase history section and for site administrator.
    • User account resources will be upgraded according to package purchased.


Enable Package Management:

It can be enabled from control panel -> settings -> configurations -> features -> display packages

Manage Packages:

Packages can be managed through control panel -> settings -> package management section

Site administrator can add unlimited number of free and paid packages and can update package information any time.

Features Available in Each Package:

In each package site administrator can manage


    • Package Name
    • Package Description
    • Price
    • Credits (available credits to be used for purchasing premium contents)
    • No of uploaded videos (maximum allocation for uploading videos)
    • No of uploaded audio files (maximum allocation for uploading audio files)
    • No of photo galleries (maximum photo galleries to be allowed to create)
    • No of uploaded photos (maximum number of photos to be allowed)
    • No of blog posts (maximum number of blog posts allowed)
    • Space Video (maximum number of space allocated for videos in MB)
    • Space Audio (maximum number of space allocated for audio files in MB)
    • Space Photo (maximum number of space allocated for photo storage)
    • Package Type (free or paid package)


Site admin can assign any of free package to normal users. At time of registeration user account will be update with assign package information. so user will be restricted to use account with package limitation.

If membership package is disabled, free user have unlimited access to user and upload contents without any limitations.

Package Purchasing:

Free or paid user can upgrade their account usage any time by selecting any paid package from list of available packages. Once purchased, their account remained usage stats will be upgraded.

If user try to upload video and there is no sufficient balance avaialble to upload videos, then sript will automatically redirect user to purchase package section.

Payment Options:

User can purchased any package through paypal.