Multi Language Implementation in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

01 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0 introduced new approach for managing multiple language, culture user interface to provide ability for user to switch user interface language according to their desired region specific culture or languages settings.

Previous versions of video starter kit only support multiple culture specific resource files and admin can only set website specific culture via web.config file, so user have no ability to change language, culture with their own will.

Now using video starter kit 6.0, site administrator can

    • Enable Disable Multi Language User Interface Support
    • Manage all languages through control panel / settings / language management section.
    • Set default language
    • Add or register new language
    • Choose languages from list of country specific languages to appear on front page.
    • Advance options to filter contents based on user culture specific language settings.

If multi language option is enabled from /control panel / settings / configurations / features , list of enabled languages will be shown on front section of website. When user click on any of country flag, whole user interface of website will be translated to selected language or culture.

User language selection will be stored in cookie in order keep preserved user selected language without setting it again.

If advance language specific filter is enabled, then whole website contents will be filters for user based on user selected language or culture settings.

e.g if user choose spanish as language and if content specific option is enabled (control panel / settings / configurations / features) then only spanish related contents will be display on website for selected user.

Under new implementation you can manage unlimited number of regional languages, enable unlimited number of language support for front section.

Site administrator can create new language file by translating any of existing resource file located at /app_globalresources/ section.

We translated all resource files using Google Translator.