Youtube DATA API in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

27 March 2011

Youtube Data API lets you incorporate YouTube functionality into your own application or website. The Data API allows a program to perform many of the operations available on the YouTube website. It is possible to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content.
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.5 introduce fetching videos from youtube based on various search terms and targeted categories using Youtube Data API.
You can  use video starter kit portal as a mini youtube website to retrieve millions of videos uploaded daily to your own website and manage it with your own way. This will make your website healthy, data rich which can increase your visitors from search engines tremendeously in result you will create great earning opportunity.
Which type of Youtube Data API features supported by ASP.NET Video Starter Kit?
Currently viideo starter kit using features related to fetching videos from youtube. Main feature includes.

  • Fetch videos based on youtube categories e.g (Science & Technology)
  • Fetch videos based on search terms. work on all categories or selected category.
  • Fetch videos based on filters e.g today, this week, this month, all time added videos
  • Fetch videos based on orders e.g published, relevance, top rated, most viewed etc
  • Manage videos in different website custom categories with your own way.
  • Validate videos periodically to delete or disable all videos which is removed from youtube.
  • Automatic fetching supported, to fetch videos based on custom selection continuously after specified time interval.
  • Advance video tag processing engine allow you to process each and every\r\n youtube video tags in a scalable, create search suggestions and add it \r\nin tag clouding after admin review.
  • Allow admin to choose best videos as featured videos to show it on special sections and high priority in related video listing.
  • Allow admin to create blog posts from choosen videos, which can be shared accross twitter or facebook accounts.

How to enable Youtube DATA API in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit?
You need to perform the following steps in order to enable youtube data api on video starter kit solution.

  • Register Youtube API developer key at
  • Put registered developer key and name of website under control panel / configuration / youtube sdk / section.
  • Put username in order to assign all fetch videos with website user.
  • Go to video/Default.aspx and replace current video player with youtube customized player located at modules/ytplayer.ascx
  • Go to video/Default.aspx.cs or .vb file and adjust ytPlayer.ascx properties and comment default player properties. e.g player1.Embed_Script = _script;
  • That's it, go to control panel / youtube sdk section and start fetching videos from youtube.