ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Packages Reviewed.

27 March 2011

These packages have been cancelled - now user can get every package with unlimited usage license

From last three years we provide video starter kit packages based on feature differences to customers. Which create not only problem to us while maintaining different copies but also for customers while upgrading some features.

Now we reviewed and re-designed video starter kit packages based on license like other does.
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit packages now available in three categories with same features but different in scope.
  • ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - (single website)
  • ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Advance Edition - (single server)
  • ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Unlimited Edition - (no limit)
Note: All packages have same source / features but there is limitation in scope. e.g single website license version will only work on single website. It may work on multiple websites but any time all websites will be down. So in order to use on multiple websites or servers u need to get proper package.
Customer can purchase any package from purchase section of website.