Create and Customize Video Starter Kit Themes & Design

25 October 2010

Video Starter Kit include more than twenty professional looking themes and provide flexibility to create your own themes or customize existing theme or change complete look and feel in just few minutes.

Video Starter Kit be default light weight JQUERY UI compatible design and themes. You can use JQUER UI Theme Roller to create any level of theme and embed it within Video Starter Kit solution just by following few steps.

Just follow easy steps to create your own them using JQUERY UI Theme Roller.

  • Go to , choose template and start edition template by choosing your own color scheme and styles.
  • Once theme created download complete bundle to your computer.
  • Unzip downloaded theme and jquery script zip file.
  • Under Video Starter Kit solution, create new theme, copy files from any of existing theme, paste copied files into newly created theme.
  • Now open unzipped downloaded custom theme folder, go to jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom\\css\\custom-theme folder and copy images folder.
  • Paste all files within images folder into newly created Video Starter Kit theme images folder.
  • Go to jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom\\css\\custom-theme and open jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom.css theme css class, copy all class until .ui-widget-shadow {---}... class.
  • Open newly created theme \\app_themes\\newthem\\jquery-ui.css file and replace all css files with copied css files except ui-dialog {...} classes at the end.
  • Setup theme in web.config file
  • This will update jquery ui theme within your Video Starter Kit template.
  • Rest for layout customization, just open app_themes\\newtheme\\layout.css file and adjust color schemes for text, links, headers, navigations, backgrounds according to your custom color.
  • run your website your will see totally changed look and feel.

Play with layout.css file, you can change complete look and feel of Video Starter Kit in few minutes.

If you face problem report it to us with detail.