ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 has been released.

25 October 2010

We have released improved Video Portal & Youtube Clone Kit for ASP.NET

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 include more new features, improved existing features, fix bugs reported by customers and more.

What's New in Video Starter Kit 5.4:
Video Starter Kit 5.4 bundled with lots of new features. Main features added include\r\n

  • HTML5 Video Player Support.
  • WebM Video Encoding with HTML5 Support.
  • Improved MP4 Video Encoding & Streaming.
  • Featured Videos
  • Extend Photo Gallery Feature.
  • Abuse / Spam Reporting Improvements.
  • Mail Template Improvements.
  • and lots more.

I: HTML5 Video Support:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 now support playing mp4, webm videos through HTML5 Video Player with fallback support to flash player (play videos on flash player only if browser doesn't support HTML5 video player). Video Starter Kit add builtin support to the following two players ii: 

II: WebM, MP4 Video Encoding for HTML5 Video Player:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 now support encoding WebM (VP8 Encoded) video encoding. So total video format supported by Video Starter Kit includes i: Flash FLV

  • MP4 (high quality using libx264 presets)
  • WebM VP8 (high quality using libvpx codecs - new)
  • WMV (silverlight with IIS smooth streaming supported)

III: Improved MP4 Encoding and Streaming:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 improved mp4 encoding and streaming videos now. If mp4 encoding is enabled by site administrator, mp4 video will be encoded using libx264 codec with vast variety of h264 presets. ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 also add script to set meta information to mp4 video via mp4box to allow smooth streaming of mp4 video over web. for demo click on link below.

IV: Featured Videos

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 add new video type (Featured Video). Admin can mark any video file as featured video under control panel -/ video section -/ video detail page. Once mark as featured video, it will be shown in special sections and will have priority on normal video. Featured video type can be extended to premium videos (paid videos), sponsored videos and other video types.

V: Add More Options

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 now add two more tabs in video section to order videos as\r\n

    • Most Commented (new)
    • Featured (new)
    • Recently Added
    • Most Viewed
    • Most Liked
    • Most Favorited


VI: Extended Photo Gallery Feature:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 extend and complete missing features related to photo gallery. Now photo gallery section support the following missing features.\r\n


    • User can create their own photo galleries / albums.
    • User can add, remove photos from gallery / album.
    • User can manage their galleries.


In previous version only admin can add photo galleries.

VII: Abuse / Flag Reporting Management:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 now add centralized, more improved and advance flag, abuse, spam reporting page under control panel. From reporting section site admin can\r\n


    • Block / Delete Content
    • Block / Delete Content Author Account
    • Block / Delete Reporter Account
    • Block IP Address of Author or Reporter
    • Review & Resolve Report on Content


VIII: Advance Mail Template Engine:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 now adds more improved and advance mail template customization and processing engine to create, customize and use mail templates in any type of events or actions within website. Now site administrator can create new mail templates, use this mail templates via unique key within website in any event (e.g submit blog post). This helps site administrator to manage mail templates and easily customize mail templates under control panel -/ settings -/ mail template section without touching internal source of website.

IX: More Improvements

Hundreds of improvements have been done in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 in every section including. You can send bug report, feedbacks and suggestions via contact us. This help us to build more improved and useful kits in future.

For more detail visit: