ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script - Batch Uploader.

26 August 2010

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit version 5.3 introduced more powerful photo crawling and batch uploading script for uploading photos in one step making it possible to upload and manage thousands of photos in few hours within website making website rich from content.

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script:

Photo Crawling Script is powerful script written in ASP.NET which can facilitate website administrator to fastly upload and manage hundreds of photos within an hour to website by using single step. Main feature of script includes

  • Crawl photos from local computer or server by providing local destination path, or third party websites by providing direct url.
  • Fetch and download photos to server from path provided.
  • Allow site administrator to choose photos that he want to be part of website and remove useless photos.
  • Assign category for uploaded photos. gallery if created, blog posted if generated.
  • Allow options to give global title, description, tags for all selected photos or give title, description, tags for each and every photo.
  • Allow options to create photo gallery and put all photos in gallery or place photos in existing gallery by providing gallery id. It also facilitate administrator to assign different title and description for gallery.
  • Allow option to generate blog post from selected photos, assign blog title and place separate blog description / detail.

Key Advantages:

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script give the following advantages to site administrator for uploading multiple photos in batch at once.

  • Simplifies photo uploading and managing task and make it possible to upload thousands of photos in few hours.
  • Help site administrator to download photos from server as well as powerful crawling script allow admin to fetch and download photos from any website by just providing website photo page url.
  • For developers, photo crawling script open new gateways and can help in advance content crawling and fetching requirements.
  • Demo: All photos uploaded, galleries created and blog posted in through ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script.