ASP.NET Media Handler Pro component is purely written using c# (.net framework 2.0) that can be used in any type of .net application including web, mobile, windows, web apis, web services and more.

There is no trial version available. The main difference between free and paid are.

  • Full version include all features while free version is restricted to few core features.
  • Full version have ability to process videos in background.
  • Full version have ablity to process almost any type of command supported by ffmpeg build you are using.
  • Full version have some advance features like join videos, split videos in smaller clips
  • Full version include ASP.NET MVC ready real time video uploader and publisher script that can allow you to implement advance video uploading and publishing scipt into your existing mvc application on the fly.

The main purpose of media handler pro is to process videos. As video processing happens mostly in background, that's why it need full trust configuration. If you run this component on shared hosting, make sure your hosting support full trust configuration.

Yes existing customer can request for free upgrade any time within one year of purchase date. After one year, custom should pay 30% of product cost as upgrade charges to renew upgrade for one more year.

No example codes used within site are just for reference or show you how to use media handler pro for processing ffmpeg commands You have to adjust sample codes accordingly based on ffmpeg version you are using. We recommend you to access our Q&A or Forum section to get latest codes or ask question so that we can properly post code that can work properly with your requirements.

Custom can purchase all our released products from purchase section.

We offer one year free upgrade after purchasing our product. After one year customer have to pay 30% of upgrade charges to get latest bundle and renew free upgrade for one more year. Please visit our Terms of Use page for more detail about our terms of use and services

Yes we can provide full technical support and free installation to almost all products purchased by customer on request

We provide full refund within 60 days after purchasing our product incase customer not satisfied from our product or our product not fulfill customer needs