Getting Started

jAngular 2 Toolkit Installation, Pre-Requisites and Usage Guide


jAngular 2 Toolkit written and built using Angular CLI and is directly compatible with applications built via Angular CLI.

You can do the following step to setup jAngular 2 Toolkit

i: Unzip jAngular 2 Toolkit

// run 
npm install
// command to install all required dependencies
// run
ng serve --open	
// to run and open application in browser


jAngular 2 Toolkit is designed for building large / complex angular applications. Before using it, you must familiar with basic angular programming including

  • Basic TypeScript
  • Angular Databinding
  • Angular Routings
  • Angular Forms
  • Angular Modules
  • Angular Components / Directives / Services

Basic Usage

jAngular 2 Toolkit include numerous complete working examples and practical demonstration.

You can play with any example, import it within your application, customize it with your need easily.