Cache Management - ASP.NET jPhoto Kit

ASP.NET jPhoto Kit include support both local & cloud based distributed cache management to cache shared website data to boost performance of application.

Product Detail


Cache management is the most important part of any web dynamic web application to boost performance while preventing unnecessary use of expensive resources like databases.

It help you keep reusable data that are shared among users in cache for specified interval and load data from cache with each request instead of getting data back from database or other expensive resources.

Data can be

  • Dynamically loaded data from database
  • Data generated from heavy processing.
  • Data generated from queries traditional files or logs
  • etc

These types of data consume resources on every attempt. Increasing concurrent attempts will make application performance decreased.


ASP.NET jPhoto Kit include support for both built-in Cache Management & distribute cloud based cache management Redis.

List of features include

  • You can enable or disable cache from control panel.
  • You can set cache time duration in minutes from control panel.
  • YOu can set cache management whether to use built-in cache or distribute cache.
  • Once enabled & set, you can manually set isCache value to True or False using Listing SDK to render listings

Sample Listing Example

Sample code to enable cache on getting product data.

  var data = ProductsBLL.LoadItems(new Jugnoon.Entity.ProductEntity()
      iscache = true,
      isdefault = 2, // all
      issummary= false,
      isdropdown = false,
      revision = revision,
      culture = culture,
      parentid = -1, // all
      slug = UtilityBLL.ReplaceHyphinWithSpace(slug)