Multiple Languages - ASP.NET jForum Script

ASP.NET jForum Script support multiple language user interface. It allows you to setup your preferred language as default language.

Product Detail


ASP.NET jForum Script have multiple language module that can allow you to setup multiple language user interface or replace existing user interface (which is set in English) with your preferred language.

This feature is shared with almost all web based products released including ASP.NET jForum Script


List of supported multi-language features

  • Manage multiple languages in Control Panel under settings->Multi Language Management section
  • Can set any listed language as default language.
  • Can enable selected languages as alternative option for users to choose and render UI with their preferred language.

Managing Resource Files

ASP.NET jForum Script uses ASP.NET App_GlobalResources to create resource files. There are list of resource files with keys written for all languages.

List of resources written for languages.

  • vsk.ja-JP.resx
  • vsk.resx
  • vsk.zh-CHS.resx

You can add more by translating existing .resx file or add more keys within existing .resx file according to your needs & customization.