Getting Started

This page help you quickly setup, install, configure, build, customize and start working in ASP.NET jDataing Script.

Product Overview

ASP.NET jDating Script is written, build and published using latest Visual Studio IDE with run time .NET Framework and language C#, project type ASP.NET MVC

List of tools, framework & technologies used in ASP.NET jDating Script.

  • .NET Framework
  • Entity Framework as ORM (Data Access Layer)
  • SQL SERVER 2014+
  • Angular JS 1.6 and Angular 5+
  • Bootstrap Theme

Before using and dig deep into it, make sure you have basic understanding of these tools.


Installation of ASP.NET jDating Script is quite simple. There is no special configurations required. All you need to follow basic mvc application installation steps.

  • Setup database via SQL SERVER Management Studio or directly as local db in Visual Studio IDE
  • Solution is already shipped as Visual Studio Solution. Just open, click on .sln file. This will open and configure project with all required dependencies.
  • For saving media contents, please give write permission to /contents directory.
  • If your project support video publishing and using ffmpeg as core video processing tool. Then make sure to provide write and execute permission to directly where ffmpeg located.
  • Once everything ok, just build the project.
  • If successfully build, either publish or run solution in explorer.

Admin Panel

By default ASP.NET jDating Script uses the following credential to access admin dashboard. We recommend to change password and use newly created account for all type of routine operations.

Sample Credential

     UID: Administrator
     Pass: admin123

Configurations & Settings

All our products, starter kits and enterprise solutions allow site administrators to manage and configure settings from Control Panel.

You can configure and manage almost every type of content from control panel.

Configurations & settings depend on product you are using. Some configurations depend on specific product functionality.

List of general configurations & settings include.

  • Generate Settings: It allow you to setup basic site global settings like website title, email, pagination, enable cache, auto review etc.
  • Features Settings: It allow you to toggle on / off features within website, e.g disable video feature if not required. Once disabled, selected feature will automatically be removed from whole website.
  • Cloud Settings: It allow you to enable Amazon AWS cloud hosting for manage media contents and utilizing other settings.
  • Media Settings: It allow you to manage different level of configurations used for media publishing, thumb creation etc
  • Social Settings: It allow you to manage social links like facebook, twitter, instagram etc
  • Login Settings: It allow you to enable third party login providers like facebook, twitter, google etc
  • Contact Settings: It allow you to setup contact information e.g phone, address, email that will be displayed mostly on footer part of website.
  • and others

Dasbhoard app is developed using latest Angular 5+ framework. Its a single page application, managing 500+ features.

Although it requires Angular 5 and Typescript experience before making changes in app, but this app improves performance more than 15 times, decreasing code upto 80% and enhance functionality several times from traditional custom dashboard control panels.

If you have any query, or having any feedbacks or sharing bug report. You can use our discussion forum or directly contact us