jMediaHandler is a powerful utility script that can help you add complex video processing with real time progress ability within your core applications.

Main Features

Main feature includes

  • Publish videos from one format to another.
  • Grab thumbnails from videos.
  • Generate clips from videos.
  • Join two or more clips into one video.
  • Post watermark on videos.
  • Generate HLS / MPEG-DASH streams
  • Crop videos
  • Apply meta information on mp4 videos to prepare it for web streams
  • And more..

Basic Example

jMediaHandler include sample project that can provide real time video processing with progress bar. Check the demo for real time demo.

Below example code will help you publish source video to mp4 format, prepare it for web streams, grab multiple thumbails from start to end of video and return all video information.

        "sourceFile": "intro_102.mp4",
        "publishFile": "intro_102_pub.mp4",
        "ffmpegCommand": "-s 640x380 -c:v libx264 -preset medium -crf 22 -b:v 500k -b:a 128k -profile:v baseline -level 3.1",
        "outputExtension": ".mp4",
        "generateThumbnails": true,
        "applyMeta": true

Features Overview

  • Publish MP4 Videos

    You can use jMediaHandler to convert, publish any format video to mp4 formats and apply meta information to prepare video for web streaming.