ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

Powerful ffmpeg wrapper and media encoding utility for encoding, transcoding videos, grab thumbnails, post watermark, split & join videos, live streaming, generate slideshows on the fly within your and .net applications.

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Main Features

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is a ffmpeg wrapper designed for .net applications. It support almost all features and commands supported by ffmpeg build you are using. It can also support advance background video processings which prevent your application from stuck in case of heavy encoding. List of features include

  • Encode video or audio from one format to another format using ASP.NET and other .NET Applications. Support almost all major video, audio or image formats.
  • Support adding meta information to flash flv, mp4, ogv, ogg files to be playable on web players, html5 and mobile devices.
  • Setting Meta-Information for FLV & MP4 Videos which is required for flash & html5 players to stream and perform various operations while playing video on the web including play, pause, fast forward, fast backward, seek positions etc.
  • Capture single or multiple thumbs from video in any sequence or specified interval of time or can capture specified number of thumbs from start to end of video.   Learn more .
  • Post watermark image on video or image file. Learn more.
  • Split and publish full video in two or more small clips.
  • Join and publish two or more video clips in one video output.
  • Retrieve output information including duration of video, size (widthxheight), codec, audio info (bitrates etc), video info (aspect ratio, bitrates etc) and lots of other information. To be used for variety of purposes.
  • Images to video conversion. learn more.
  • Check whether current media file is in audio or video format.
  • Advance exception handling control while processing videos to make sure video is successfully published or failed with proper error code. Learn more
  • Extract and create audio file from source video or audio.
  • Limit or cut videos or audio files to certain limit. Can publish video from any position to specified length.
  • Add padding at top, bottom, left and right position of video while encoding.
  • Crop video from any direction while encoding.
  • Advance video processing to enable developer to execute their own custom ffmpeg commands.   Learn more .
  • More advance handlings by passwing custom ffmpeg parameters via Parameter object.
  • Effective control while preventing deadlock or server crash situations while processing videos.
  • Background video processing
  • Lots of more features


It works with all .NET Framework compatible applications including ASP.NET applications, desktop applications, web services and others.

Compatible operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008 or later.
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
  • IIS 7.5 or later (in case of ASP.NET web application).
  • Open source ffmpeg for media processings
  • Open source mp4box for setting meta information for mp4 videos.
  • Open source flvtool for setting meta information for flv videos.

Other Features

List of important features & modules include

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro - MP3 Encoding

This page include examples which will help you encoding mp3 audio files from other format audio or videos in your .net applications using media handler pro

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Execute FFMPEG Commands using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

This post will help you process almost every type of custom ffmpeg commands using media handler pro in your, c# and applications

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Grab Thumbs From Video Using ASP.NET

This page will provide detail example codes which will help you grabs or capture single or multiple thumbs from any format video using media handler pro component in your, c# and application

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ASP.NET Media Handler Pro - Post Watermark

This page will provide detail instructions for posting watermark on videos and images usinge media handler pro component

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Join Videos using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

You can use media handler pro to join two or more video clips into single video.

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Split Videos Using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro allow you to split single video into multple clips by various ways within your / c# application

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Retrieve Video Information via ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro can allow you to fetch video information directly or as builtin object returned by every available function

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Process videos in background - ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

Example code provided here will help you implement background encoding, publishing and processing of mp4 videos in your application

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Effective x264 encoding by using x264 preset files, Platform: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET

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Convert Images to Video using ASP.NET

Convert sequence of images to video file using media handler pro

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Set Meta Information for MP4 Videos using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro can be used to set meta information to mp4 videos in order to stream mp4 videos properly on the web

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Concurrent Video Publishing ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

This example will help you implementing concurrent video processing in background and providing publishing status to application in real time using

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Standard Package

  • Unlimited License
  • Full Technical Support
  • One Year Free Upgrade
  • Integration & Customization Assistance Available