Detail Overview

Add Unlimited Members

jTree support adding unlimited family members in unlimited no of generations. It automatically adjust tree nodes but allow user to manually adjust each family member node location by draging

Family Member Detail Biodata

jTree support filling complete biodata for each member within tree. It included support for main information. However you can customize it by adding more attributes and functionality.

List of attribute includes

  • Personal Info
    • Photo: can be uploaded and replaced in realtime by clicking on node.
    • First Name
    • Sur Name
    • Gender
    • Author
    • Birth Date
    • Is Living
    • Death Date
  • Contact Info
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Website
    • Home Tel
  • Biological Info
    • Birth Place
    • Deather Place
    • Profession
    • Company
    • Interests
    • Bio Notes

Multiple Relationship

jTree support relationship management. You can add family member by using any of list relationship listed below.

  • Add Parents (Mother / Father)
  • Add Mother Only
  • Add Father Only
  • Add Partner / Ex – Partner
  • Add Brother / Sister
  • Add Child
  • Add Child with xyz partner or ex-partner

Script also keep relationship internally e.g (Current Node) is Father of Newly Created (Node)

Readonly / Editable Mode

jTree support loading family tree in both editable and readonly mode. User can't edit information of tree as well as tree member within jTree if loaded as readonly mode.

You can customize it by adding more control on how each tree information to be edited by currently logged in user.

Public / Private Tree

It support marking any tree as private or public. Private tree can only be available / accessble by author while Public tree can be available to public.

This feature is optional. It depends on how tree or tree information will be available to who within your application

Multiple Connect Styles

jTree by default add connect / line between to members. It represent a relationship between two. It support adjusting multiple connect styles

  • Flowchart
  • Bezier
  • StateMachine

Saving and Loading Tree

It support saving tree information, all tree nodes, each tree node location and other relationship information in backened database. It can also allos you to reload complete tree back to original view from data saved in database.

It also allow you to generate list of family trees saved in database. e.g My Trees with option to delete tree.

Theme Customization

Currently jTree uses bootstrap 3.* theme for complete tree UI including Nodes. It uses free bootstrap theme. You can easily replace it with premium bootstrap template or your own template

You have complete control on whole UI customization of jTree.