Gamification is the most import aspect of almost every big site or games. It can increase productivity and user interaction with system.

We developed advance Gamification solution in years of effort in a way that can be easily integrated and extended with any solution.

It is supported by various frameworks including (PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core) and can be easily extended for any other frameworks.

Supported Gamification Components

jGamify is designed in a way that can be used with any type of gamification requirements. List of core component of jGamify script includes

  • Badges
  • Rewards
  • Levels
  • Credits
  • Points
  • Packages
  • Events


jGamify is divided into three core parts.

  • Gamification Management
  • Award Gamify Objects
  • Gamification User Profiling

Gamification Management

jGamify include single page angular application for managing gamification components. This app can be run as standalone application or can be integrated in existing solution or control panel.

You can review jgamify angular application via demo link.

jGamify angular app can help you

  • Manage badges, rewards, credits, points, packages & events.
  • Categories gamification objects
  • Generate help guide for awarding selected object

Award Gamify Objects

This part is the most important and tricky part in Gamification process. Once you added and manage gamifiation objects. There should be a system that can be easily help developers to apply in order to award gamify objects including badges, rewards, credits, points.

jGamify provide advance core business layer within single method that can help developers to award badges by writing single line of code.

e.g if you want to award badge with id "34" to user with id "43" when user account activated. You need to add one line of code in account activation area to award selected badge.

    $obj->trigger_item($userid, $itemid);

Method trigger_item can be used for any type of gamify item whether you are awarding badge or reward, or points or credits or unlock levels.

Gamification User Profiling

It is the most important part of solution. jGamify provide three options to handle gamification on user profiles. It includes

  • Manage badges, rewards and packages.
  • Manage levels, points, credits, points required to unlock next level etc
  • Manage user achievement history.

Features Overview

  • Badges Overview

    Badges is the most important object of gamification and can be the most important factor for controlling the quality of user and other profiles.

  • Rewards Overview

    Rewards is extended form of badges object which can help you lock / unlock website functionality, bonuses, services, discounts, physical gifts for users.

  • Levels Overview

    Level is also the important object of gamification. It can help you prioritize user profiles based on levels like games.

  • Points Overview

    Points are the smallest unit in gamification that can be awarded by various events user completed within website, just like games. The greater the user interaction with website, the more points will be gathers that will be helpful to unlock levels, bonuses and special gifts.

  • Credits Overview

    Credits can act like a virtual currency or money or gems in gamification system that can be used to unlock special rewards, features, bonuses, discounts, physical gifts and much more.

  • Packages Overview

    Packages are optional component of gamification, it can allow user to buy credits by direct purchase instead of collecting through website events just like in games.

  • Buy Options

    We provide two option to buy jGamify product based on customer feedbacks.