Main Features

jAgency is a professional written fully dynamic script that can allow site administrator to manage unlimited celebrity / model profiles, articles and albums.

It provides fully customizable SDK that can help you customize the whole front end functionality in hundreds of ways in minutes. More feature includes

  • Multiple Languages Ability to manage multiple languages and select any of language as default language while provide option for users to select his / her desired language from selected languages list.
  • Mail Processing Engine jAgency kit provide advance mail processing functionality that can help site administrator to customize mail templates used in various site events. It can also help creating more mail templates and integrate it with any event with application.
  • Sitemap Generator jAgency Kit provides dynamic sitemap generator that can help you generate and submit sitemap (of model portfolios, media albums, articles) to google, bing, yahoo etc search engines for fast indexing
  • Category Management jAgency provides advance category management system that can help you create unlimited categories for grouping portfolios, media albums and articles.
  • Tags Management jAgency Kit also provide tags or label concept that can allow you to associate portfolois, media albums and articls with different tags or labels. These labels or tags can act as mini categories for grouping contents into useful tags or labels.