ASP.NET jPhoto is a complete photos, images, wallpapers platform with powerful SDK that can be customized with unlimited ways including Photo Sharing Portal, Wallpapers Portal, Photo Hosting Sites, Artists with Albums, and even integrate with other products & services to provide photos & albums management including Product Photos, Classified Ad Listing Photos and more.

It have built-in support with AWS & Azure cloud platform to process, manage, host & stream millions of photos without effecting your website performance.

It's a solution developed in years of effort with complete source code with powerful SDK & configuration system that can help you customize the solution with your requirements quickly.

Core Features

ASP.NET jPhoto includes hundreds of features. Here is overview of some core features available in it.

Albms & Photo Hostings & Sharing

ASP.NET jPhoto includes all basic & advance features that can help you manage millions of photos and allow users to watch and share with others. List of core feature includes

  • Managing, hosting & streaming photos locally or via cloud platforms.
  • Allow users to create unlimited albums, upload unlimited photos in each albums, mark albums as public, protected and private, share protected albums with other friends or colleagues.
  • Allow users to browse public albums, post rating, comments, add to favorites, share with others, submit reports etc.
  • Allow admins to mark photos as wallpapers or editor picked to categories in more beautiful ways.
  • Allow users to browse photos, wallpapers and popular photos and download it in any size he / she want.
  • Categorizing, archiving & labeling photos.
  • Advance search options to allow users to find their favorite photos by utilizing various options.
  • Optional artists, author profiles with biography and artist own albums management.
  • User public profile as channels to display & share their profiles with others.
  • Advance real time single page control panel for managing website configurations, settings, user data, reports and much more.
  • Professionally written real time single page myaccount to allow users to manage their account settings & data.
  • Advance SDK to customize website features and listings on the fly with their own requirements.
  • Allow you to easily embed your own custom or premium templates.
  • Beautiful preview pages for albums and photos.

AWS Cloud

ASP.NET jPhoto support built-in aws cloud services for processing, hosting, streaming & sharing photos & wallpapers. It includes

  • Upload photos from website to aws cloud.
  • Generate thumbs via website or with-in cloud.
  • Upload photos directly to AWS and allow website to auto detect and process.
  • and much more.

Artist Modules

ASP.NET jPhoto include advance artist / author biography management module which include

  • Allow site administrator to configure artist or author biography settings and attributes
  • Manage unlimited artist, author profiles
  • Organize artist profile with biography and associate unlimited photos and albums with him / her.
  • Organize artist public profiles on website with beautiful ways.

Control Panel

ASP.NET jPhoto include advance control panel with hundreds of features to manage website settings, users, user contents, reports and much more. Core feature includes

  • Manage users and user profiles
  • Manage photos and photo albums with advance actions to market photos as wallpapers, editor choice, as default album cover and much more
  • Manage blog posts and settings.
  • Manage artists and settings
  • Manage website configurations, settings, toggle on off features
  • Manage gamification and settings
  • Manage categories, tags, block ips, dictionary and auto review system.
  • Manage advertisement, log reporting and mail templates management.
  • Manage cloud settings, social settings, contact information and much more
  • Manage abuse reporting and advance review system.
  • and much more.

My Account

ASP.NET jPhoto include both public and private user profiles and account system for managing user own settings and contents. Main feature includes

  • Manage membership features including update profile, profile image, change password, email, delete account, manage privacy and email options and much more.
  • Allow user to manage uploaded photos & albums.
  • Allow user to manage favorited albums & liked photos
  • And much more.

Features Overview

  • Multiple Languages

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit support multiple language user interface. It allows you to setup your preferred language as default language.

  • Dashboard App

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit have advance single page dashboard application written in latest Angular Framework to help site administrator manage website settings, configurations, users, contents, reports and logs.

  • Dynamic Sitemaps

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit include module to generate google & bing sitemaps dynamically from website contents to speedup website content indexing and exposure to search engines

  • Category Management

    It is the most important module of almost every type of web application. It can help you organize large amount of contents into useful categories.

  • Tag Clouds

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit have built-in support for managing tag clouds or labels to organize large amount of contents in useful & search engine friendly manner.

  • Advertisement Module

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit have built-in support for managing advertisement slots and scripts for each slot to display ads effectively in whole public application.

  • Listing SDK

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit support advance Listing SDK that can help you design content listing on hundreds of ways within minutes without making manual effort to create listings.

  • Abuse Reporting

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit include spam, abuse reporting module that can help users to submit spam or abuse reports on any type of contents uploaded by users in order to force moderators to review and take action on reported contents.

  • Content Screening Module

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit include advance content processing & screening module to automatically review and encrypt or highlight words that may violates website terms or use.

  • Mail Processing Engine

    ASP.NET jPhoto Kit include advance mail processing engine that allow site administrator to manage & customize email templates for all emails send or receive within website.

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