ASP.NET jVideo

A complete cloud enabled Tube Site, Youtube Clone, Video Streaming & Sharing Solution for ASP.NET MVC & ASP.NET Core Platform.

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ASP.NET jVideo is a complete video platform that can be customized with any type of requirements including Video on Demand, Movie Portal, Live Streaming, Cam Streaming, Tube Sites, Video Courses, Youtube Clone, and lots more.

It's a solution developed in years of effort with complete source code & powerful SDK & configuration system that can help you customize the solution with your requirements quickly.

It have buil-tin support with both AWS & Azure cloud platform for storing, transcoding & streaming videos.

Core Features

ASP.NET jVideo includes hundreds of features. Here is overview of some core features available in it.

Tube Site & Youtube Clone

ASP.NET jVideo includes all basic & advance features that can help you manage millions of videos and allow users to watch and share with others. List of core feature includes

  • Managing, hosting & streaming videos from cloud.
  • Allow users to upload unlimited videos, watch & share videos, add to favorites, playlists, post comments, ratings and much more.
  • Categorizing, archiving & labeling videos.
  • Advance search options to allow users to find their favorite videos utilizing various options.
  • User public profile as channels to display & share their profiles with others.
  • Advance real time single page control panel for managing website configurations, settings, user data, reports and much more.
  • Professionally written real time single page myaccount to allow users to manage their account settings & data.
  • Advance SDK to customize website features and listings on the fly with their own requirements.
  • Allow you to easily embed your own custom or premium templates.
  • Provide support for paid subscriptions & credit based system for & sellings video clips, videos & movies.

AWS Cloud

ASP.NET jVideo support built-in aws cloud services for video transcoding, advance processing, video hosting & secure streaming over cloud. List of video processing over aws cloud includes

  • Upload videos from website to aws cloud.
  • Upload videos directly via aws own uploader.
  • Transcode uploaded videos to 360p, 480p, 720p mp4 formats.
  • Allow you to enable advance MPEG-DASH and HLS transcoding & playlist creation for controlling adaptive streaming.
  • Advance script for fetching meta information from videos over cloud including duration, width, heith, codecs etc
  • Create 10 - 15 thumbnails from start to end of video.
  • Create quick preview video.
  • Create short clips to play in paid subsciption mode.
  • Process & update uploaded video information directly from aws cloud.

Publishing Videos via FFMPEG

ASP.NET jVideo support advance & complex real time video publishing tool that can help user publish multiple videos at once and keep track of publishing status in real time via progress bar. It uses ffmpeg in background for processing videos locally. Main feature includes

  • Support uploading & publishing multiple videos at once.
  • Keep track of each uploaded & publishing video via progress bar.
  • Extract meta information from published videos.
  • Apply streaming meta information on pulibhed videos in order to stream videos properly on web.
  • Generate 10 - 15 thumbnails from start to end of video.
  • Host published videos on local server or in cloud (AWS or Azure)
  • Secure streaming videos locally or via aws or cloud using their own secure sign-in url streaming concepts.
  • Support advance token based secure streaming with highest protection. (work with local videos only)

Youtube Videos

ASP.NET jVideo support managing third party youtube hosted videos in a way like own videos. Youtube DATA API used in background for fetching and managing youtube videos internally within application.

Selling Videos & Movies

ASP.NET jVideo provide various options to support selling movies and videos online. List of feature includes

  • Advance options for managing protected movies, videos and clips for preview.
  • Allow user to preview low quality video or short clip.
  • Provide credit based & subscription based system for user to buy, watch or download paid videos.
  • Complete reporting tool for managing author earning, site comissions and much more.
  • Highest level of protection to avoid access to paid contents.

Audio Module

ASP.NET jVideo include optional audio module, if enabled can allow users to

  • Upload & manage unlimited audio files and playlists
  • Listen audio, songs directly or via playlist.
  • Share, like / dislike, add to favorites, add to playlist, download audio and much more
  • Organize audio and playlists via categories, labels, artists, profiles and much more.

Artist Modules

ASP.NET jVideo include advance artist / author biography management functionality with features

  • Allow site administrator to configure artist or author biography settings and attributes
  • Can manage unlimited artist, author profiles
  • Organize artist profile with biography and associated videos.
  • Organize artist public profiles on website.

Control Panel

ASP.NET jVideo include advance control panel with hundreds of features to manage website settings, users, user contents, reports and much more. Core feature includes

  • Manage users and user profiles
  • Manage videos, movies, uploader settings and much more
  • Manage blog posts and settings.
  • Manage artists and settings
  • Manage payments and reporting tools
  • Manage website configurations, settings, toggle on off features
  • Manage gamification and settings
  • Manage categories, tags, block ips, dictionary and auto review system.
  • Manage advertisement, log reporting and mail templates management.
  • Manage optional wiki posts, topics and glossary section.
  • Manage cloud settings, social settings, contact information, player settings and much more
  • Manage abuse reporting and advance review system.
  • and much more.

My Account

ASP.NET jVideo include both public and private user profiles and account system for managing user own settings and contents. Main feature includes

  • Manage membership features including update profile, profile image, change password, email, delete account, manage privacy and email options and much more.
  • Allow user to manage uploaded videos & movies.
  • Allow user to view purchased history, download or access paid videos, view order history and transactions.
  • Manage advance reporting tool for video authors to track advance earning and withdrawal procedure if enabled.
  • Allow user to buy and access paid contents.
  • Allow user to manage favorited videos, playlists & liked videos
  • Allow user to manage uploaded audio files and playlists if feature enabled.
  • And much more.

More Features

AWS Video Processing Architecture in ASP.NET jVideo

This document provide detail about aws video processing architecture developed and utilized within ASP.NET jVideo

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Category Management

Category Management

It is the most important module of almost every type of web application. It can help you organize large amount of contents into useful categories.

View Detail

Multiple Languages Management

Multiple Languages

ASP.NET jVideo support multiple language user interface. It allows you to setup your preferred language as default language.

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Credits & Monthly Subscription Management

ASP.NET jVideo include paid membership subscriber module, if enabled can allow users to buy or subscribe to access paid or premium contents

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Google & Bing Sitemaps Management

ASP.NET jVideo include module to generate google & bing sitemaps dynamically from website contents to speedup website content indexing and exposure to search engines.

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Roles & Permissions Management

Roles & Permissions

ASP.NET jVideo dashboard application include advance object based roles & permission module that can allow super administratot to create roles and assign to users or groups.

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Tag Clouds & Labels Management

Tag Clouds

ASP.NET jVideo have built-in support for managing tag clouds or labels to organize large amount of contents in useful & search engine friendly manner.

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Gamification Module

ASP.NET jVideo include gamify module that can help you implement advance gamification within website to enhance user social interactions & fun within website like games.

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Video Publishing Module

ASP.NET jVideo support various ways to publish videos that can be stream progressively on both web and mobile devices.

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Mail Processing Engine

ASP.NET jVideo include advance mail processing engine that allow site administrator to manage & customize email templates for all emails send or receive within website.

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Error Handling Module

ASP.NET jVideo include advance error handling & reporting module that can help website to track error and generate reports.

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Youtube Videos

ASP.NET jVideo have built-in support for upload & managing youtube videos within application

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Embed Videos in ASP.NET jVideo

ASP.NET jVideo support embed videos module, if enabled with allow users to embed Youtube and other third party site videos within website.

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Playlist Module in ASP.NET jVideo

ASP.NET jVideo have playlist module that can help users to create unlimited playlists and add organize videos & audio in it.

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Cache Management

ASP.NET jVideo include support both local & cloud based distributed cache management to cache shared website data to boost performance of application.

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Content Review & Screening Module

ASP.NET jVideo include advance content processing & screening module to automatically review and encrypt or highlight words that may violates website terms or use.

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Dictionary Management

ASP.NET jVideo include dictionary module that can help site administrator to restrict some keywords to be used within website.

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Adult Warning & Verification Module

ASP.NET jVideo include adult warning script that can popup warning message to user if it detects adult nature content on selected page.

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Advertisement Module

ASP.NET jVideo have built-in support for managing advertisement slots and scripts for each slot to display ads effectively in whole public application.

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Block IP Address in ASP.NET jVideo

ASP.NET jVideo include block ip address tool that can help site administrator to block any ipaddress to prevent using it to access website secure areas.

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