MyAccount Application is complete application for managing user settings and content within any solution. It is written in Angular 6+ framework. It is part of almost every product (open source and shareware) released by mediasoftpro.

It is re-written in Angular 6+, Redux Architecture that decreases almost 80% of code, increases performance more than 20 times, make the app functionality portable and provide oppertunity for adding features that was impossible before.


MyAccount Application built using

  • Angular 6+ via built-in Angular CLI
  • Redux for state control
  • Bootstrap 4 template

Before working in jDashboard application, you must atleast familiar with angular framework and redux state architecture.


You can work in Myaccount application directly by opening project in any popular IDE e.g Visual Code and use normal angular cli commands for running application. e.g

ng serve --open //to compile and open solution.


MyAccount include 100+ features that can help you speedup your customization and development process. Although core features varies product by product. There are feature that are shared across almost in every product.

List of shared feature includes

  • User account settings, change email, email options, manage account, change password, delete account and update profile information & photo.
  • Allow users to manage core contents like "Manage Videos" in case of video portal or such features varies product by product.
  • Allow user to manage mypurchases, orders, buy credits or subscriptions.
  • Manage inbox
  • And lots more.

Please use knowledgebase if you have any technical question regarding customization of MyAccount application.