ASP.NET jMedia Kit is a huge product built in years of effort. It includes more than 500 features. Overview of some core features include.

Video Module

  • Upload & publish unlimited videos.
  • Host videos in your own server or on cloud e.g AWS Webservices
  • Publish videos directly or vis batch script.
  • Publish videos via FFMPEG script or via Elastic Transcoder
  • Manage third party videos e.g Youtube Videos
  • Allow users to upload videos or keep admin / moderator have right to upload videos.
  • Manage video publishing settings from control panel.
  • Manage various validations for video publishing including size, length, format restrictions.
  • Generate multiple copies of publish video to target different devices e.g mp4 (720p, 480p, 360p), HLS Playlist, MPEG DASH Playlist for adaptive streaming.
  • Manage settings to use low quality stream or video clip (short video) for free users and high quality for paid users.
  • Post watermark on published videos.
  • Token based highly secured streaming (for local hosted videos) and CloudFront Signed Url for cloud hosted videos.
  • Bandwidth throttling to control stream / bandwidth speed for different users.
  • Video listing sdk to generate unlimited ways of video listing by justing adjusting parameters. Some possibilities include
    • Recently Uploaded Videos
    • Recently Uploaded Videos in Entertainment Category
    • Most Viewed Videos Added Today
    • This Week Added Videos
    • Featured Videos
    • and hundreds of more ways.
  • Video actions for users including, Add to favorite, Flag Report, Share Options, Like / Dislike Videos, Five Star Rating, Comments and more.
  • Professional MyAccount for users to manage data, settings and uploaded videos.
  • Professional User Profile for showcase user public data and videos.
  • Filter options including, categorize, archive, labels, tagging, searching options.
  • Video playlists
  • Hundreds of more features, for detail visit ASP.NET jVideo Kit

Audio Module

Audio module is almost similar as video module functionality but it only target audio files, songs, audio tracks, playlists instead of video. Some core features include

  • Upload ↦ manage unlimited audio files and songs.
  • Create unlimited albums and manage unlimited audio files / songs in single album.
  • User or admin can create albums and upload audio files.
  • Audio files can be hosted on local server or on cloud i.e AWS Webservices.
  • User can listen and share songs / audio and share.
  • Allow user to download songs or restrict to web access only.
  • Rest functionality almost similar as video module.

Photo Module

Core features include

  • Create unlimited albums and upload unlimited photos in each album.
  • Can keep photos within album or without.
  • Normal users if allowed and admins can create albums and upload photos.
  • Manage photos locally or on cloud i.e AWS Webserivces
  • Mark photos as Wallpaper or Editor Picked
  • Beautiful profiles for photos and albums.
  • Allow user to resize and download photos.
  • For complete feature list, visit ASP.NET jPhoto Kit

Q&A Module

Core features include

  • Allow users to ask questions and post answers on open questions.
  • Allow users to up or down vote questions.
  • Allow users to bookmark questions.
  • Allow question author to mark any answer as best answer, edit or delete question.
  • Allow users to post spam / flag report.
  • Manage featured, open, resolved, closed questions.
  • Integrate questions with any existing products and services to act as Knowledgebase
  • For complete feature list, visit ASP.NET vQ&A Kit

Forum Module

Core features include

  • Managing unlimited forums.
  • Allow users to post topics and replies on topics.
  • Manage categories, forums, topics, posts.
  • For complete feature list, visit ASP.NET jForum Kit

Artist Module

Core features include

  • Allow you to create unlimited artist profiles.
  • Allow you to manage artist custom attributes and sections.
  • Allow you to link contents with artist
  • Create beautiful artist profiles with all public contents.
  • For complete feature list, visit click here

Polls Module

Core features include

  • Allow users to create unlimited polls.
  • Allow users to post vote on polls.
  • Poll profile to represent poll, status, actions, results and reports.
  • List polls in unlimited ways.
  • Various poll actions supported including, open & close polls, rate polls, flag report, share polls, bookmark polls.
  • For complete feature list, visit ASP.NET jPoll Kit

Blogs Module

ASP.NET jMedia Kit include bloging module that can help site admins or users to write and share blog posts, articles and news. It can be used for specific topic or broad topics or for products & services.

For more information click here

Glossary & Wiki Module

ASP.NET jMedia kit provide light weight dictionary or wiki management that allow site administrator to generate dictionary or wikis to target specific topic or as broad topics.

It create useful glossary or dictionary. e.g if you have auto website, you can create "dictionary" to manage all "auto" related keywords along with detail.

For more information click here

Features Overview

  • AWS Video Processing Architecture

    This document provide detail about aws video processing architecture developed and utilized within ASP.NET jMedia

  • Publishing Videos

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit support various ways to publish videos that can be stream progressively on both web and mobile devices.

  • Multiple Languages

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit support multiple language user interface. It allows you to setup your preferred language as default language.

  • Dashboard App

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit have advance single page dashboard application written in latest Angular Framework to help site administrator manage website settings, configurations, users, contents, reports and logs.

  • Paid Membership

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit include paid membership subscriber module, if enabled can allow users to buy or subscribe to access paid or premium contents

  • Dynamic Sitemaps

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit include module to generate google & bing sitemaps dynamically from website contents to speedup website content indexing and exposure to search engines

  • Category Management

    It is the most important module of almost every type of web application. It can help you organize large amount of contents into useful categories.

  • Tag Clouds

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit have built-in support for managing tag clouds or labels to organize large amount of contents in useful & search engine friendly manner.

  • Advertisement Module

    ASP.NET jMedia Kit have built-in support for managing advertisement slots and scripts for each slot to display ads effectively in whole public application.

  • AWS Webservices

    This document will guide you how to enable aws webservices in ASP.NET jMedia Kit to start storing, transcoding and streaming media files from cloud.

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