ASP.NET jDictionary is a small, lighter, open source application that can help you create full featured, search engine friendly glossary or dictioanry application

You can launch it as standalone application to act as complete Dictionary solution for specific or broad topic or you can integrate it in existing solution to provide helpful glossary or dictionary.

Dictionary is like articles that provide help on specific topic but differs it it target specific keyword like wiki where users can put detail about keyword. Gathering detail about keywords make a useful page specific to that keyword.

Use Cases

It is useful in various cases where you need to provide dictionary type help to your customers or users. e.g

  • Create auto dictionary to gather all technology keywords with details like dictionary, link with auto articles via keywork to link conversion script.
  • You can create standalone dictionary for general purpose or target any specific topic e.g "Sports" or "Soccer" within Sport.
  • You can use it for medical related sites (to create useful medical dictionary specific with site contents)
  • It can be used with hundreds of ways.


Core features of ASP.NET jDictionary application include

Dashboard Module

Advance single app dashboard module for managing application settings and dictionary management.

You can create unlimited dictionary keywords or topics or wikis

You can review suggested keywords from users.

For more detail click here.

Membership Module

Simple membership modules available to create account, login, forgot password, with basic profile management.

Normal users can access dictionary, browse keywords, suggest keywords, add content to existing keywords, up or down vote keyword contents, bookmark keywords

Dictionary Module

Dictionary is the core module of this application. Main feature includes

  • Generate Glossary Links for all keywords
  • Numereous ways to list and search keywords
  • Wiki type social interactive profile pages for keyword details.
  • Allow user to suggest contents for selected keyword
  • Allow user to up or down vote posted content on selected keyword
  • Allow user to suggest new keywords or topic or wiki
  • Allow user to recommend best content for selected keyword
  • Allowuser to bookmark selected keyword.
  • Other options including sharing, abuse report etc on keyword.

Features Overview

  • Multiple Languages

    ASP.NET jDictionary support multiple language user interface. It allows you to setup your preferred language as default language.

  • Dashboard App

    ASP.NET jDictionary have advance single page dashboard application written in latest Angular Framework to help site administrator manage website settings, configurations, users, contents, reports and logs.

  • Dynamic Sitemaps

    ASP.NET jDictionary include module to generate google & bing sitemaps dynamically from website contents to speedup website content indexing and exposure to search engines

  • Advertisement Module

    ASP.NET jDictionary have built-in support for managing advertisement slots and scripts for each slot to display ads effectively in whole public application.

  • Listing SDK

    ASP.NET jDictionary support advance Listing SDK that can help you design content listing on hundreds of ways within minutes without making manual effort to create listings.

  • Abuse Reporting

    ASP.NET jDictionary include spam, abuse reporting module that can help users to submit spam or abuse reports on any type of contents uploaded by users in order to force moderators to review and take action on reported contents.

  • Content Screening Module

    ASP.NET jDictionary include advance content processing & screening module to automatically review and encrypt or highlight words that may violates website terms or use.

  • Mail Processing Engine

    ASP.NET jDictionary include advance mail processing engine that allow site administrator to manage & customize email templates for all emails send or receive within website.

  • Error Handling Module

    ASP.NET jDictionary include advance error handling & reporting module that can help website to track error and generate reports.

  • Roles & Permissions

    ASP.NET jDictionary dashboard application include advance object based roles & permission module that can allow super administratot to create roles and assign to users or groups.

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