Angular jDashboard is complete single page dashboard application written in latest Angular 6+ framework. It is part of almost every product (open source and shareware) released by mediasoftpro.

Due to rewritten in Angular 6+, Redux Architecture, it decreases almost 80% of code, increases performance more than 20 times and provide oppertunity for adding features that was impossible before.

It is utility application that is part of existing mediasoftpro products.

Its includes 500+ features that can help you to extend and customize functionality according to your needs fastly


Angular jDasbhoard built using

  • Angular 6+ via built-in Angular CLI
  • Redux for state control
  • Bootstrap 4 template

Before working in jDashboard application, you must atleast familiar with angular framework and redux state architecture.


You can work in jDashboard application directly by opening project in any popular IDE e.g Visual Code and use normal angular cli commands for running application. e.g

ng serve --open //to compile and open solution.


Angular jDashboard include 500+ features that can help you speedup your customization and development process. Although core features of jDasbhoard varies product by product. There are feature that are shared across almost in every product.

List of shared feature includes

  • Managing users, user profiles and advance level of functionality to keep track of every type of user activities.
  • Advance management for each type of core contents e.g Videos. It depends on product functionality.
  • Advance Roles & Permission Module that can help site administrator to provide specific resource role to specific user.
  • Category Module that can help you manage categories for every type of contents.
  • Tag Module to help you manage labels, sub categories, tags, user searches for almost every type of contents.
  • Gamification management module for managing badges, rewards, levels, points, credits and packages.
  • Content Screening module for keeping auto control on user posted data.
  • Mail templates module for managing mail templates for almost every type of mail sent through system.
  • Advertisement module for managing advertisement scripts running on whole website.
  • Block ip module to help you black list any suspecious ip address.
  • System configuration module that can help you manage whole website settings in one place.
  • Packages module for managing paid packages for credit and monthly subscription based systems.
  • Abuse reporting module for handling spam & abuse reportings.
  • Languages module for managing list of supported languages by system.
  • And lots more.

Please use knowledgebase if you have any technical question regarding customization of jDasbhoard application.