ASP.NET Core Platform

This product runs on .NET Framework compatible applications including ASP.NET MVC, Windows Apps etc. If you want this solution for ASP.NET Core runtime, visit jVideoUPloader


VUploader user control is a complete scalable solution which can add complex video uploading, publishing, cloud storage and other advance media processing feature in your application as easy as just dragging control on your page which normally takes months to design a solution for it. Main features of VUploader includes

  • Professional ajax jquery uploader with progress bar
  • Upload videos or audio files using ajax uploader with progress bar indicator. Make smaller chunks if video or audio file is large in size.
  • Encode videos or audio files.
    • Multi Level
    • Encode single video to multiple levels (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) to prepare videos for targetting multiple devices and requirements. if required.
    • Multi Format
    • Encode single video to multiple formats (flv, mp4, webm, wmv, mp3, ogv) for multiple purpose and targetting various browsers and devices. if required
    • Normal Encoding
    • Encoding single video to single output (e.g mp4, flv, mp3)
    • Background Processing
    • Support background video and audio processing which protect your application from deadlock in case of large media file encodings.
  • Grab single thumb or multiple thumbs from start to end of video to create story board.
  • Set meta information to (FLV, MP4 or WebM) videos in order to make videos streameable on the web.
  • Store videos and audio files
    • Local storage: store media files on local server in default directory.
    • Cloud storage: store source, published media files on cloud storage (e.g amazon s3 storage) after completion of media processing.
    • Multiple server storage: transfer media files to another server via ftp after media processing completion.
  • Efficient rollback management to keep track of each and every event and fire rollback in case of failure of processing at any stage.
  • Easy to setup and use by just drag and drop with simple options.


VUploader is currently available for applications. It has the following requirements.

  • IIS Webserver.
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
  • Media Handler Pro component for publishing media files.

Features Overview

  • vUploader Integration

    This page provide detail overview of how to use and integrate vUploader user control within your application

  • Sample Usage

    VUploader usage guide provide setup by setup guide which will help you implementing video uploader user control in your existing, c# and web project.

  • Examples

    This section will provide various examples and usage guide which will help you implementing vuploader user control properly in your application.