jVideoUploader is advance utility script that can be easily integrate in any ASP.NET Core application to provide real time high performance chunk-based video uploading & multi-level transcoding (conversion, publishing & encoding) ability.

Main Features

Main feature includes

  • Real time uploader with chunk-based capability for uploading large video files in chunks.
  • Publishing videos to one or more formats. e.g publish source video to 360p, 480p, 720p, hls playlists for each video.
  • Real time progress & tracking ability for both uploading & transcoding videos.
  • Support one or more videos to be uploaded & published at a time.
  • Easily to use & configurable with few line of code.
  • Easily to customize (e.g adding more templates for customized processing including creating clips, creating short clips by joining two or more pieces of videos, post watermark, extract audio files, generate HLS & MPEG-DASH stream playlists and more advance processing
  • Return uploaded data in well formated json output.
  • Advance error management & rollback system.
  • etc

Integration & Installation

jVideoUploader can be easily integrated. Sample integration code shown below.

        // upload settings
        var uploadsettingsModelView = new Jugnoon.Entity.UploaderSettingsModelView()
            maxFileSize = "10mb",
            extensions = "mp4,avi,wmv,flv,mpeg,mpg",
            handlerpath = "/api/uploader/upload",
            maxallowedfiles = 3
        // list of supported encoding options
        // please adjust the list with your requirements
        var encodingTemplates = Jugnoon.Entity.EncodingSettings.returnEncodingTemplates();
    <partial name="~/Views/Home/uploader/UploaderComponent.cshtml" />